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Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Fighting Mad People Blaming Gun Deaths on Republicans

Republicans appear to be on the defensive after all the recent mass killings, while continuing to offer the same tired old excuses for the carnage - including “too many doors in buildings, Dr. Fauci and face masks, wokeness, women winning the right to vote, video games, Critical Race Theory, transgender bathrooms, abortions, and the end of slavery.” All this has Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert so upset, that he’s put out a video where he’s shouting at Democrats “How dare you? You think we don’t have hearts?” He went on to falsely claim most gun deaths occur in Democratically controlled states, when the opposite is actually true.

Not a surprising conclusion I suppose, especially coming from a guy who once suggested that all we really need to do to fight climate change, is simply “alter the Earth's orbit.” So no, Rep. Gohmert, it is not so much that we’re questioning whether or not you have a “heart.” It’s more like we’re questioning whether you have a “functioning brain.”

Of course, I don’t really believe Republicans actually lack “hearts.” What they really lack - is “empathy.” They’re folks who can look at a mass shooting and say “yeah, it’s kinda sad, but it didn’t happen to me, so I’m good.” In fact, we saw that very philosophy employed during the pandemic - when Republicans decided “the elderly ought to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the economy.”

Now, in all fairness, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick did inform Tucker Carlson after the shootings that "We can do a lot of things, and Texas has done a lot of things,” and he’s right. Why, he, Gov. Abbott, and the Republican legislature have done quite a lot. They’ve lied, they’ve taken more NRA cash, they’ve refused to accept any blame, and they’ve passed hateful legislation against trans kids. What else do folks want, anyway?

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johnnyrobish 8 June 6
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This guy is such an ignoramus asshole, that the comedy writes itself.


Last time dufus Louie GOH got scared and protective of his precious rich polluter murderous pals was the days under ObushaObombney hinted refineries and drillers would have to pay for their poison in the Gulf of Mexico air water and dying living species..... heaven forbid profits may be reduced .... it say rite dere on duh mohknee IN gawd WE TRUST ....


Congress os the place where 435 gangsters spend ten million dollars per day to murder innocent Palestinians .....all 435 let these murders happen DAILY blueReds blaming redBlues in the revolving door of duopoly lobbyist millions in trillions for polluter profits out ..... so minimum wage is still 7.65 per hour Congress keeps doing zero for the bottom half of USA ..... SO what did the Uvalde perpetrator do ? Lived with grandma for free worked for a few paychecks at a fast food joint, bought his guns bullets shot grandma in the face and decided schools are the problem like Palestinians are the problem and he decides to be the hero in his war ....cops with body armour & scope guns do nothing but a dad getting a haircut borrows the barber shotgun and kills gunBoy stopping the Uvalde war


No wonder our Country is in the shape that it’s in, with people like this ignorant asshole in positions of power. 😡


I hope that we vote the lot of them out in November. Although with the most recent redistricting where they added more republican safe districts and no new minority districts, it's going to be hard.

glennlab Level 10 June 6, 2022

Yes Glenn, it’s going to be very difficult, but I hope with the televised hearings coming that some people will be moved from the dark side.

Yes, but Fox has announced they won't be covering the hearings, so I'm afraid we'll pretty much be preaching to the choir.

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