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LINK Takeaways from Tuesday's primaries in California, Iowa and more - CNNPolitics

Looks like progressives and Trumpster are in trouble. 😬

Not even San Fransisco is interested in progressive movements to police reform. The incumbent progressive hash been recalled. 😳

And there are similar situations across the country.

The corporate legs of both parties took over yesterday's primaries. 😞

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 8
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The SF guy is pretty far left!



The SF DA was a far far left (actual Marxist) that refused to prosecute anyone. The democrats were just as happy to be rid of him as were the republicans.

glennlab Level 9 June 8, 2022

Yes. He was a Progressive. He didn't refuse to prosecute, much like most Progressives, he did away with cash only bail and refused to prosecute things such as minor drug possession charges, traffic citations, etc.

The beef with him isn't about his record, he was fearmongered against by corporate Dems and it worked.

The universal Progressive agenda is to defund the police and criminal justice reform. That's nothing crazy to those of us that self-label "Progressive" or like me, a Justice Democrat. (Which I've learned, I'm ooooooold compared to most of me peers in this group.)

This isn't the end of this for that area, but it is a setback, for sure. We're going to see more police violence, more gun violence more overcrowding due to minor drug charges, etc, there.


@SeaGreenEyez The more I see about the election, the more inclined I am to agree with you. It looks like he was blamed for a lot of things out of his control. LAPD only has a clearance rate of 9%, that is crimes solved and presented to the DA for prosecution.


If you are interested, take a look at what happened when progressives took over in high crime areas of New Jersey. (Cincinnati did it a bit different by going "community centered policing" decades ago. Cincinnati has been a model for many other cities in America, that of course NEVER get talked about, except Republicans trying to lie about the successes. Cincinnati happened not because of politics, but because violent crime. They were very much unaware of just how smart they were to dig in and get it handled way back when.)

Cincinnati Community Involved Policing

State Of New Jersey Attorney General's Office 2121 Policing Policy Protect And Statewide Community Based and Involved Policing

If you look at Cincinnati, be sure to look at the drop down menu. Their youth programs are known globally. Cincinnati is actually known globally for excellence in policing.

No one in America even bothers to mention them unless you hang around with stat nerds like me. 😉

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