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LINK Arkansas will be the first state to require users to show ID to use social media - Arkansas Times

Whoever came up with the IDMe website idea has hit the jackpot. Now that 20 more states, aside from Utah, are making it law that social media users have to prove their age, the IDMe Corp is going to find itself doing more than tracking Driver's Licenses for any and all Federal and State agencies (like DMV, BMV, Unemployment Insurance, job background checks, Social Security Admin, etc.)

If you haven't already been forced into compliance, get ready to do so. Passport approvals and renewals, Real IDs, travel passbooks, the IRS, and even some states mandates such as liquor store purchases (welcome to Indiana!!!!!) are going full-blown legal ID PLUS a facescan of your face that matches the ID. This is now a social media thing, too. (Once your current idea is in the system, a new facescan is required for each new agency/new picture ID.)

(I began erasing my digital footprint a decade ago so to law enforcement overreach. When I was forced into the whole IDMe thing, you can find, in the fine print, that the company cannot sell or give your images to law enforcement. I highly suggest that. Even if you're not a criminal, in America, you are a potential criminal just by breathing oxygen.)

What is the website?
What is is a certified commercial identity provider offering Identity Assurance Level (IAL) 2 and Authentication Assurance Level (AAL) 2 credentials. The requirements for credentials to access the CERTS Portal are defined by NIST SP 800-63 v3 (Digital Identity Guidelines).
[] › I...PDF - Treasury Department

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 9
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So you thought that terrorism was just all about bombs and guns? Think again, the politics of terrorism is to force the state into increasingly reactionary measures, which in turn cause more resentment, miscarriages of justice and occasional atrocities. This increases recruitment which in turn increases the state's reactions. The end goal being an ungovernable state.
When so many domestic terrorists recruit and organise on social media, it is no wonder that the state would want to do away with anonymity. When CPAC has on its stage a sign saying "We are domestic terrorists" this can no longer be viewed as an idol threat. I suspect that more civil liberties will fall as this threat grows more extensive. Eventually, even habeas corpus will be deemed a luxury. The irony is that the freedoms these footsoldiers think they are defending will eventually be taken away by their actions.

Source; 20 years of living through IRA terrorism.

273kelvin Level 8 Apr 9, 2023

@SeaGreenEyez And increased surveillance is nothing to do with terrorism hey?


I don't care how many certs they claim! Government can not force you to use a commercial business to prove your identity! So unless they make it a government enterprise... that is a non starter for those of us who refuse to use id dot biteme!


How petty. If any of us ever heard of a fake driver's license I'm sure someone will figure out how to get a fake IDMe just as well.

DenoPenno Level 9 Apr 9, 2023

@SeaGreenEyez Soooo, you think that your doctor'/dentists/opthamilogist/etc visits are private?
Not for at least 20 years now.
Use a computer or phone? Your location is known in real time, and can be back-tracked, 100% of the time, to within 3 feet, also for about a decade now.
Can you truthfully say it has made any difference whatsoever to you? No, because tyou are a law-abiding person.
Has it made any difference to law enforcement? Yes, big-time.

@AnneWimsey Right. Tracking cell phones has helped to solve a lot of crime. That Harbaugh guy had to have his phone with him. Ruined his alibi ....and he shoulda known better !

@SeaGreenEyez How about the billing company clerks?
All the med facilities/practioners around here use them now, and if i call about a charge, whoever answers the phone (not the doctor's office, the billing contractor) knows every single detail!

@AnneWimsey You can't track my phone and it is a Tracfone. LOL Samsung Galaxy with all turned off or deleted except calling and texting. I do little of either of those on it and certainly can do no browsing, etc. on it. I call it a burner phone and it would come in handy in an emergency. Also my home phones are rechargible VOIP type and my computers and streaming devices are protected by reputable DNS and VPN. If you know where I am and what I am doing it is because I let you know. Tracking elements in those computers have been shut down.

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