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I'm banned!!!!

By Charlene9
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I'm just wondering who libraries, anywhere in the world, are supposed to be serving these days. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I pay rates (city taxes) of $3,000 or so a year towards upkeep of local libraries and other amenities. It had been some years since I visited my local library looking for helpful books for research on NZ (what with Wikipedia and all). When I asked to be directed to the New Zealand section -- what used to be the popular section in my day -- the staffer thought a while, scratched his head -- and finally referred me to a Dewy-Decimal number, might have been 995 point something. Well, I looked for that, couldn't find it, but couldn't miss 8 shelves devoted to Mandarin language studies. This is an ordinary suburban library we're talking about, in a very ordinary suburb, in what is, or used to be, the Western World. Globalisation might have some advantages (I'm making a big assumption here), but the idea that it should be so over-archingly dominant over local issues makes me wanna puke.

Garbonza Level 5 June 2, 2019

I use my library..

@Charlene I don't blame you for not trying the ones in NZ.

@Garbonza it would break my bank..


@BookDeath One for you. Please comment.

FrayedBear Level 9 June 2, 2019

Surely this is snark. OR a joke? IF OUR library caught some merry prankster of a patron making social commentary via creative reshelving, we might: put them to work for awhile (as a volunteer shelver) for doing so; assign them a reading list; or possibly a combination of both. I've done that in the past. But BANNING? Nah. That's draconian and smacks of thought-police and Orwell. We don't do that here!

@BookDeath yes it's humor..


Ha ! that would be doing everyone a favor !

Lawrence63 Level 4 June 1, 2019

The librarian must be a drip!

Krish55 Level 7 June 1, 2019

My local paper won’t use the word Neoliberalism but I am allowed to use it in letters to the editor.

ToolGuy Level 8 June 1, 2019

Awesome. I bet it was near the bottom where things trickle down to.

thexter Level 5 June 1, 2019

Imagine! The Bible and economics in the same category.

brentan Level 8 June 1, 2019

Right where they belong.

thislife Level 7 June 1, 2019

LMAO funny good for you

bobwjr Level 9 June 1, 2019

Hell, they should have offered you a job!

dan325 Level 7 June 1, 2019

Good for you, hope it was the voodoo subsection.

Garbonza Level 5 June 1, 2019

Junk economics. Actually, when I ran for political office the guy who won called it voodoo economics. I said back that it was better than his zombie economics.

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