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Elizabeth Warren Is Proving Her Doubters Wrong [readersupportednews.org]

By desertastronomer7
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Warren and Sanders are the top layer of a garbage heap.

@altschmerz Sanders co-sponsored a bill to not fund a military coup in Venezuela whereas the others including Warren didn't want any part of that bill.

@Looking4-Others Sanders is better than Warren but I don't like him either. Here's what soured me on him:

He made a big show of pushing Jeff Bozo to pay his warehouse workers $15 an hour. Bozo gave in, but compensated by taking away their monthly bonuses and stock options. Cause you know, he just has to have his $160 billion. (I'm glad his wife left him and took half the money, but what he has left no human being can spend in one lifetime!) And some of those workers, having been with Amazon for several years, had worked their way up to $15 and now are making LESS money.

But does Sanders care? He scored his political points and has moved on to the next challenge. Is that what a Sanders presidency will look like? A lot of half-assed measures that leave us worse off?? And he says he wants Medicare for all – Medicare acts like a private insurer at times, refusing service for this or that, and they don't give you dental. But hey, we'll get Medicare for all and instead of suing Aetna for letting your wife die of brain cancer instead of paying for her treatment you'll have to sue the government. Sorry, I don't trust him.

@altschmerz I can understand your concern and agree with you. But our choices are narrowed down and they all suck with the exception of Tulsi but in time there will be shit dug up on her too that is probably correct.

@Looking4-Others there's already shit on her. She has a checkered history, unfortunately.


I like her more all the time

Frctnal Level 7 June 15, 2019

She's my number one choice so far.

dan325 Level 7 June 15, 2019

She talks a good game, but also part of the machine..

Canndue Level 4 June 15, 2019

I agree with you I wished others would see through the clouded MSM lens. Even TYT are promoting her while totally dissing Tulsi Gabbard. It's disappointing but it's what we have.

@Looking4-Others I contributed to her first two campaigns. Never again. She sat silent in 2016 when the DNC screwed Sanders.

@avron Same here and she's on board to screw Bernie over again I believe


Good solutions she is a strong contender

bobwjr Level 8 June 15, 2019

Solutions should be the winning ticket.

Lorajay Level 7 June 15, 2019

You are so correct!

Provided they defeat the divider in chief!

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