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The Squad versus..

Charlene 9 July 24
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Marvel could make a good movie out of these superheroes and villains.

brentan Level 8 July 24, 2019

No shit

bobwjr Level 9 July 24, 2019

Very good

St-Sinner Level 8 July 24, 2019

Your post certainly is a way to seek cooperation, isn't it?

Actually both the sides you describe as "the squad" or "the klan" does not reflect general electorate values.

Bobby9 Level 8 July 24, 2019

Really?...So those that support Drump & Co aren't trying to Make America WHITE Again?

@Charlene Never said nor implied that. The point was that post was a poor way to proceed. Insulting your enemy does not cause your enemy to become more friendly does it?

@Bobby9 ahhh..the high road..well, fuck the high road..Walked it for's more like a tread mill and I refuse to walk it any longer..the Rethuglicans started the Mudslinging, Drump's expanded it to the point that Nazis adore him..Time to fight back..

@Charlene I will second that. Seems tRump and friends are tapping into anger - well anger works both ways.

@Beowulfsfriend it more disgust for me..

you are wrong, most people do support the progressive policies the squad put forward when you poll them on policy alone

@JesseBoren No, I am not wrong and NO, once again NO poll ever showed Progressive politics to be a majority opinion.

@Charlene Not suggesting the high road, I said insulting your enemy will not cause cooperation. Not insulting does not mean a "high road" only don't start with an insult. You do as you want to do, I know you will.

@Bobby9 you are saying there are no polls showing medicare for all supported by the majority. What polls are you looking at

@Bobby9 when the opposition Insults and Attacks me personally and My community as a whole, I couldn't give a Trumps Rats Ass if they're Insulted..No amount of logical argument will dissuade them from their worship of Drump.

@Charlene You didn't have to say that, it was obvious. Have a nice day.

@Bobby9 Have a sad life..

@Charlene You are obviously someone who has been hurt badly. Considering your comments, perhaps you could have avoided it with a little common sense.

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