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Great video...


slydr68 8 Dec 10
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I agree in general with Reich. But I believe Warren has appropriated Sanders’ best ideas and corrupted them with Capitalist principles. I believe she will be more vulnerable to Trump/Republican attacks because she is tethered to the system (she was a Republican, after all), unlike Sanders, whose entire life has been devoted to lifting up the poor and working class and civil rights of marginalized peoples.

Bobbyzen Level 8 Dec 10, 2019

Unlike Sanders, Warren doesn't criticize imperialism.
Sanders realizes that capitalism is the problem; Warren does not.

@Krish55 We're on the same page...


I just hope the Dems get behind whoever gets the nomination. Four more years of trump is something we might never recover from.

Sticks48 Level 9 Dec 10, 2019

The problem with this thinking is we fail to lift up the ideas and ideals of the lower/working classes during the primaries, because “any Democrat will do.” In fact any Democrat WON’T energize the base, certainly not another Centrist like Kerry or Clinton. Capitulating to establishment Dems before the primaries have even begun is a losing strategy.

@Bobbyzen I am about as left as you can get, but if you think this is a leftist country you are not paying attention. The registered Dems account for about 30% of registered voters. A little less than half of those Dems identify as Progressive. About 30% of registered voters are Republicans. That leaves about 40% registered as Independents. Do the math. If you don't get a big bunch of Indies, you can't win. If you can't get the vast majority of Black voters, you can't win. Getting a Progressive President will change little. You would have to have a Progressive Congress, both House and Senate to pass anything considered progressive. That will not happen. You would not be able to get all Democrats in the congress to vote for Progressive ideas. Until most of the Boomers die, it will be impossible to get the stuff Sanders, Warren, and I would like to see happen. If the dems blow this election with more tantrums and I am not going to vote crap like 2016 they will be just as much to blame as the far right. I am so hoping trump fatigue will drive folks to the polls who don't normally vote.


Don't agree.
That will be a disaster of the history which will make Michael Dukasis look like a hero.

Robert Reich is an academic. I has run for office and possibly does not know what the voters' psyche looks for. Personality for presidential candidates in paramount. His plans, policies and all other good things come later. That is the general rule.

Look at what is happening in Britain. Tony Blair returned labor to victory and beat Thatcher's once popular party repeatedly because he was a good looking, dynamic leader. Look at how Jeremy Corbyn is leading labor now. He is a lackluster and unappealing candidate and Boris Johnson is going to win. All media are predicting.

Elizabeth can win on own. A spirited debate between the Orange and Pocahontas will draw huge viewership. Warren will get an opportunity to settle the score. Bernie Sanders will not win alone or with Warren. He should retire. He should create or join a think-thank. He has an absent minded professor personality. I personally do not want him represent America as my leader, the leader of the only super power and the leader of the free world.

St-Sinner Level 9 Dec 10, 2019

Nah. Look at their rally crowds. They energize the base far more than Democratic Centrists, whose ideas are a bland remix of Republican economic policies.

@ToolGuy Trump already has higher numbers with 25 Democrats running and the impeachment is going to help. That is not in debate. What we have to worry about now if we are not losing the House along with the Senate. People are just fed up.

@ToolGuy, @Bobbyzen Crowds? These crowds are of the primary elections, not of general. These are of the far left enthusiasts. They would not matter in the general. The tone of speeches, the enthusiasm will die down once Trump stats attacking the Democratic nominee. Al Gore, Hillary, Howard Dean, John Kerry all had huge crowds.

@St-Sinner Again, nah. Except for Howard Dean, who had huge crowds. But that was during the primaries. He was trounced thanks to the same establishment Democratic Party operatives who kowtow to the donor base and don’t really care about election outcomes, so long as they keep their war chests full.

@Bobbyzen I want to agree with you, want somebody - a knight in the shining armor) on our side to kick Trump's ass. But looking at the signs, I do not see that happening. Bernie just does not give me the confidence. He is selling hope. That's it. It is a very strong potion.

@ToolGuy Where did you read the history of the last 1,000 years that he lost but... he had more troops,... but... they fought bravely... but... he had actually won... but... That does not happen because a win is a win. You do not get to complain after the verdict. The general, warriors and history students who do not understand wars, they should live in the imaginary world. The presidential election is a bitterly fought war in our land.

@ToolGuy Some say right, some say wrong, some say fair, some say corrupt. There is no universal agreement on what it is. The world envies North America for running good democracies. Is it perfect? no, but we have to make the best of what we have by starting from accepting the good. The elections are fair, not rigged. The media is independent, not controlled. Money is a big influencer but the solution is not complain about the enemy but choose strong leaders who can give us the victory to start changing things. That is why I do not prefer Bernie. he is disintegrating and will not lead us to victory. If he was catching fire like Obama, I would not oppose. But is leading us into a ditch.

@ToolGuy Do you know a conservative think tank and a progressive think tank can have completely opposite views of an issue? You are asking me to read far left ideologies, I am not an intellectual to rely upon scholarly articles. I watch what is going around me. I read into what people are thinking.

@ToolGuy That accusation is coming from both sides and nobody is right. Only voters are right. I read what I find value in. I don't keep reading. I am not a nerd. That is in the elite way of life. Just read and not live in the real world. I am a regular Joe who thinks about bread and butter issues and the reality.

@ToolGuy I admit I am a complex guy.

Free world? We have the highest incarceration percentage and population. Also a high percentage of people denied the right to vote. A high degree of police killings. You speak as if your White Privilege applies to everyone. But then, that is one of the illusions of your White Privilege.

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