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Pompeo Curses Out and Asks Reporter to Find Ukraine on Map

Following a testy interview, a very angry Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped F-Bombs at NPR National Security Reporter Mary Louise Kelly and challenged her to even find Ukraine on the map - which she did immediately did.

Hell, after Pompeo challenged her to find Ukraine on the map, she should’ve asked him if he could find his integrity. My guess is - the answer is no.


johnnyrobish 7 Jan 24
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Mary Louise Kelly is a very smart NPR anchor. Nobody in Fox News has or will ever come close to her quality. She is not the one who will just roll over and play soft ball with him. She is a good interviewer.

St-Sinner Level 8 Jan 27, 2020

Today he doubled down, asserting Mary Louise Kelly lied to him and couldn't locate Ukraine on a map which makes his smears even more ludicrous. Pompeo is a grobian bully.

He's only doing it for his supporters. Why should he care about others. None of these people have so far. Problem is, pretty soon (like now) the non-supporters have a higher number than supporters.

@JackPedigo I do realize he is doing this to appeal to the Trumpian base which is not know for stringent fact checking via multiple sources.

The truth be known, Mr Pompeo may soon be in some serious legal trouble himself.

@johnnyrobish We can hope so, but with Bill Barr acting as shield I doubt we will see anything soon.

@FrankieandGrace It truly amazes me how these fools get so worked up when someone calls out their lies and corrupt dealings. Instead of reasoning and calmness they try the name calling and scare tactics. So typical.


Another incompetent Trump cabinet pick and abusive, lying fascist Republican. I listen to All Things Considered quite often and cannot think of any reason why he would act this way other than he’s an arrogant sexist pig who thinks he can get away with it.

And he will.

One can bet Mr Trump couldn't even point out the continent where Ukraine is located.

There isn't any other reason - you just called out the right one.


Loud mouthed prick. He needs a steel toe boot to the crotch.I would have said nuts. I doubt he has any though

morlll Level 7 Jan 24, 2020


bobwjr Level 9 Jan 24, 2020
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