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Marjorie Taylor Greene Files Articles of Impeachment Against Merrick Garland

While reiterating her claim that the Democrat Party not only stole the 2020 election, but also has been continuously attacking President Trump for a full six years now, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced she will soon introduce “articles of impeachment” against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland in the wake of the FBI's “raid” of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. She is also calling for “defunding both the FBI and the IRS.”

Now, let me guess what’s going on here. I’m betting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene would prefer we believe that Donald Trump was only just hiding those top secret documents, in order to prevent Hunter Biden from getting his grubby hands on them, so he could load them onto his missing laptop. Like it or not, “that’s what you get for voting for Hunter Biden.”

Or, better yet, how about Mr. Trump was actually hiding all the documents from the “deep state.” Why, can you imagine the damage to our national security if organizations like our military or US intelligence agencies were to get hold of highly sensitive documents? Why, the results could be absolutely devastating for the country!

All I can say is, thank goodness we have someone like Rep. Greene on the job! Someone who is willing to devote so much of her precious time to badmouthing institutions like the Department of Justice and the FBI for enforcing our nation’s laws, rather than wasting a bunch of time proposing legislation that might benefit the constituents in her district. I mean, what the hell do they think she went to Congress for - to legislate?

Of course, there are quite a lot of folks who will argue that all Greene ever does is launch incendiary ad hominem attacks on people and institutions she doesn’t like - with many saying they’re so mad at her, they wish she’d just go “jump in the lake.” Well, I fully admit that I too was one of those people, but then I realized - hell, that would likely be a violation of the “Clean Water Act.”

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johnnyrobish 8 Aug 13
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I'm no fan of either the FBI or the IRS, they often go after the wrong people, never the churches or billionaires, but in this case their doing good work.

Theresa_N Level 8 Aug 13, 2022

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