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Biden’s speech and the danger of fascism in America


{For Biden—who has for the past 19 months flattered his Republican “friends,” extolled the virtues of “bi-partisanship,” and even proclaimed his support for a “strong” Republican Party—to go on prime time national television to issue his unprecedented public warning testifies to the extent of the fascistic danger. But the president made no attempt to explain how the United States has reached such a point. References to history, economics and even politics were absent from his speech.}

The hypocrisy of this speech comes while he is forcing us to fund the fascism of Ukraine is an absurdity.

{Biden could not provide any credible explanation for why 74 million people, including a large percentage of working people, cast their votes for Trump in 2020. Excluding from his speech any reference to economic interests and class divisions, let alone to the corporate-financial domination of the two-party system, Biden made no effort to expose the glaring contradiction between Trump’s crude right-wing “anti-Establishment” demagogy and his unswerving defense of ruling class interests.}

To do so would entail the recognition of the collaboration between both party's and the commonality of struggles all US citizens have. It could, and should be today, opening the Pandora's box from all citizens curiosity as to how we have reached this point of extreme division. Beginning to recognize how each party has manipulated their supporters.

{In America’s entrenched two-party system, sections of workers and the middle class back the Republican Party not out of conviction but by default. To the extent that Trump has a base, it is because the Democrats have nothing to offer and the Republicans are expert at manipulating real grievances and discontent.

Biden’s failure to expose the real economic basis of Trump’s policies was not a matter of forgetfulness. Rather, notwithstanding the conflict between the two parties, they both represent, in the final analysis, the ruling capitalist class and its national and global financial-corporate interests.}

The conflict is a manipulative facade. We will never witness either fully expose the other for the crimes in our country. As with all the manufactured propaganda managed to build a false perception within limited information and directing narratives, also comes in this regard in which no one can be fully held accountable. Even when a crime is clearly observed, they are kicked down the road within another facade of useless hearings.

Democrats have nothing to offer?

I took a lot of flack for some posting I did on facehack after Biden's student loan plan was announced when I used a Green Party post to help complement my opinion.

PPP loans forgiven: 80%
Average amount forgiven: $95,700
Total amount forgiven: $632 Billion
Interest rate PPP repayment: 1% fixed

Student loans forgiven: 0.58%
Total amount forgiven: $25 Billion
Average monthly payment: $393
Interest rate federal student loans: 5% - 6.54%

As I stated last week on a post, more details would come out. Sure enough, I was right in my conjecture of the structure of it. I also used the 2020 debates and total lack of implementing any of the promises and or spoken agendas Biden listed as an example of how the loan plan would be structured as each on the same manor. Every last aspect of them were broken into pieces to be filtered out to benefit corporations, and to go from raising taxes on billionaires to tax payers flipping the bill. Do you understand that?

I was attacked for claiming that Biden was going to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for his plan. Accused of spreading misinformation. Then the woman claimed she did something in regards to political commentary for a living. As she also challenged me in regards to the 60% of the top earners who will receive the benefits the most. My questions before any news agency began providing any details were clearly answered. Below are 2 in which I rarely use a MSM, but The Hill as 1, backs up my initial questions and conjecture. I hope this woman, who commented that I need to observe better sources observes The Hill. I told her I couldn't have said it better myself! Maybe she works for The Hill. While they do provide a better sense of provocative news than most MSMs, one must be cautious at the same time with them.

Student loan forgiveness should backfire on Biden


Rather than fleece the tax payers by this means, I would gladly accept to have a sum of $5 or so a week come out of my pay check to help provide a socialized education system for a better educated society. This constant welfare being taken from our pubic school funds to support private and charter schools, to enrich loan companies, for the benefit of higher class citizens, is criminal. Let alone how it has been laying waste to our public school systems.

Biden's Student Loan Scam

Capitalist rule dictates that millions of Americans live in debt peonage. It was inevitable that Biden's student loan debt relief would be a farcical half measure.

The Biden administration announcement of so-called student loan debt relief does little to alleviate the problem it claims to solve. Debt forgiveness for those earning $125,000 per year or less in the amount of $20,000 for Pell grant recipients and $10,000 for all others, is questionable for a variety of reasons. It is a midterm election bait and switch that pleases gullible democrats, helps only a minority of borrowers, and is nothing like what candidate Biden proposed during the 2020 campaign.


That's quite generous. It does absolutely nothing to combat predator loan companies. Just look at the percentage rates above compared to PPP loans.

{Senator Joe Biden played a role in creating these terrible conditions. In 2005 he and 17 other democrats joined republicans in voting for the Bankruptcy Act, which made it all but impossible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. The Delaware senator was beholden to the consumer credit industry, like all of that state’s elected officials. They were the drivers in ensuring that filing for bankruptcy for any reason would become very difficult and they were always among Biden’s biggest campaign contributors.}

Which was a leading factor in my conjecture. For those who don't understand this. Delaware is where all the credit companies have their proclaimed business status registered. Along with a long list of major companies that use Delaware and their laws to evade paying taxes. Biden is essentially owned by them. It's what made him a millionaire shortly after the end of his time in the Obama administration. And he'll gladly become more wealthy after this administration is over.

{Of course the Black political class can be counted on to aid in the subterfuges that are used to keep the people quiet. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley falsely proclaimed , “President Joe Biden just canceled student debt.” Her assigned role at this juncture is to get Black voters to the polls in November and she can’t do that without lying about Biden. Getting voter buy-in for neo-liberal policies is Pressley’s problem. No one else has to go along with the inevitable falsehoods that come with the territory of holding elective office.}


{Expecting the system that created the student loan crisis and the mortgage crisis and the military spending crisis to change without sustained popular demand is to indulge in fantasy.}

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