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The Poverty of US Politics

Given the breadth and depth of deprivation in the richest country in the world, it should be surprising how little attention has been paid to the priorities of poor and low-income voters in the 2022 election season

“The prescription for the cure rests with the accurate diagnosis of the disease. A people who began a national life inspired by a vision of a society of brotherhood can redeem itself. But redemption can come only through a humble acknowledgment of guilt and an honest knowledge of self.”

Reverend Martin Luther King


That knowledge seemingly escapes the intellect of a vast amount of our citizenship. And our corporate and MSMs do everything imaginable to keep that knowledge behind us and unreachable.

{Neither exists in this country. Rather than an honest sense of self-awareness when it comes to poverty in the United States, policymakers in Washington and so many states continue to legislate as if inequality weren’t an emergency for tens, if not hundreds, of millions of us. When it comes to accurately diagnosing what ails America, let alone prescribing a cure, those with the power and resources to lift the load of poverty have fallen desperately short of the mark.

With the midterm elections almost upon us, issues like raising the minimum wage, expanding healthcare, and extending the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit should be front and center.}

Those issues, as I and a few others in the group warned in 2020, have become white washed and slashed into benefits for corporations as we predicted. No longer talked about in the medias. BUT, if republicans managed to win power in 1 or both houses, which the current trajectory suggest, our liberal MSCMs and MSMs will again bring them to the front to recycle the same facade over again. When it's to late. Just like 8 wasted years of an Obama administration. His first 2 years of having all 3 houses, that administration wasted them in essentially no effort towards picking people up and setting an example of poor republican rule. The same policies from essentially the Reagan era have been marching on for 5 decades now. High wage job losses turned into low wage jobs, poverty growth, continued perpetual warring, tax breaks and bailouts for the corporations, bankers, and ruling class, immigration issues via terrorizing foreign policies, demonizing China, Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, minority hate within cancel culture atmospheres, devastating, terrorizing, healthcare and social programs.

Are you really paying attention to the republican campaign during this cycle. While at least 3 states have begun to change laws in regards to birth rights and schooling, negatively, there's a new breed of republicans holding the potential to take over that party. Trumpists. Tea Party? We ain't seen nothing yet! We will when they are able to use the newly federalist SCOTUS.

William_Mary 8 Nov 6
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Love the "Democracy is on the ballot" line. Seems abortion wasn't attracting the publicity planned.

Candidates are on the ballot.
Democracy is the voting process where you cast your ballot eg you make a choice.

Some are getting desperate.

puff Level 8 Nov 6, 2022

The bipartisan project of dismantling our democracy, which took place over the last few decades on behalf of corporations and the rich, has left only the outward shell of democracy. The courts, legislative bodies, the executive branch and the media, including public broadcasting, are captive to corporate power. There is no institution left that can be considered authentically democratic. The corporate coup d’état is over. They won. We lost.


2016 was the evidence that democracy has been entirely wiped from existence in America. 2020 put an exclamation point on that reality. If anyone doesn't understand this by now, they simply aren't putting the necessary observation into the political arena as a concerned citizen that they should be to be voting. We're no longer voting. We're simply role playing in a controlled fetish cult where the only winners of the system are those who bought it and our representation, in which the medias they also own are compliant to.

@William_Mary There are a lot of Republicans that would never vote for Trump again and many are disillusioned with the democrats. If the GOP does choose Trump as the candidate, it would be an excellent oppourtunity for a 3rd party to get up.
But then we have the media.

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