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Negroes Speak of War, Langston Hughes, 1933

What benefits do Black folk get by endorsing or participating in the white man’s war? Revisiting an anti-war statement by Langston Hughes.

When the time comes for the next war, I’m asking you, remember the last war. I’m asking you, what you fought for, and what you would be fighting for again? I’m asking you, how many of the lies you were told, do you still believe? Does any Negro believe, for instance, that the world was actually saved for Democracy? Does any Negro believe, any more, in closing ranks with the war makers? Maybe a few Negro soldiers believed Dr. Moton when he came over to France talking about, “Be nice and fight for the nice white folks. Be meek and shoot some Germans.” But do any Negroes believe him now, with lynched black workers hanging on trees all around Tuskegee? I’m asking you?

And after the Chicago riots and the Washington riots and the East St. Louis riots, and more recently the Bonus March , is it some foreign army needs to be fought?

And listen, I’m asking you, with all the war ships and marines and officers and Secretary of the Navy going to Cuba, can’t they send even one sergeant after Sheriff Shamblin in Alabama?

And with all the money they got to buy bombing planes, why in the hell can’t they pay the teachers for my kids to go to school?


Quite frankly, that question needs to be highly considered by whites also! Those who have died, especially after the past 20 years in wars built on lies, which I have brought up a number of times, no longer have the opportunity to. How many faced those deaths knowing they were in a place they shouldn't have been due to all the lies they had come to understand. Realizing they were being used for enrichment of primarily white people.

As a nation {US} we've been indoctrinated into silence in regards to those 20 years due to a false manufactured propagandized glorification of patriotism. Which has spread to today in the support and funding of fascism in Ukraine which is also spreading through the US. Also managed by false manufactured propaganda.

The economic and social structure of the US has been manipulated by the ruling class where socialism has been captured by them to vastly, primarily, benefit them. To assimilate minorities into the very machine that has been oppressing them for centuries. They now are compliant to a system against themselves and any who resist the matrix. The mirroring of the Borg without the injection technology, other than manipulating morals and minds.

On International Human Rights Day: Money for Ukraine and War But Austerity for the People

The U.S. does not respect the right to health care, housing, employment, or education while making war on the rest of the world. What does the idea of human rights amount to in this country?

The working class and poor in the U.S. never recovered from the 2008 capitalist financial crisis before having to face the devastation of the covid pandemic 10 years later. Unlike the People’s Republic of China and most of the socialist oriented societies that were able to mitigate the loss of life and economic suffering of their populations, the particularly brutal and heartless character of U.S. capitalism meant that there were very few state mechanisms in place to protect the population, especially the most vulnerable from the ravages of the pandemic and the financial crisis alike.

Incredibly, the U.S. still attempts to portray itself as a paragon of human rights – and gets away with it! Why? Because liberal human rights have been politicized, distorted and weaponized.


{Humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect, the 21st century version of the “White man’s burden” to save and protect the non-European natives, often from themselves, is evoked with devastating effectiveness. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the expansion of AFRICOM were framed not as the imperialist adventures that they were, but as benevolent interventions to bring God, light and civilization to the mass of savages. The U.S. proxy war with Russia and the burgeoning plans for a military intervention of Haiti are all framed as altruistic, reluctantly carried out in order to enforce global order by the global cop – the United States of America has successfully completed an elite capture of the entire premise of human rights!}

Highly relevant to the above article. Just add the people of the Donbass regions of Ukraine, now part of the Russian Federation. Who felt the wrath of this white mans burden within 8 years of a genocide campaign by a fascist government installed by fascist white western governments. Which they vastly allowed to happen, supported and funded, in as much virtual silence suppressing it from the medias owned vastly by the ruling class.

The Biden Administration like every administration before it made a choice: Profits over the People, Planet and Peace

These will continue to be the policy realities until the people understand the terms of the war that capitalism is waging against them and they decide to fight. That day, however, will never come as long as the peoples’ vision of what is possible is delimited by a rapacious ruling class that would rather destroy the world than give up power.

William_Mary 8 Jan 1
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