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Manufactured crisis over US debt ceiling sets stage for bipartisan assault on Social Security and Medicare

Behind the mutual recriminations between the two capitalist parties and the stage-managed crisis negotiations, there is a basic agreement: All of the social gains made by the working class in the course of more than a century of struggle must be wiped out to pay for the drive by the American ruling class to remove, by force of arms, Russia and China as obstacles to US hegemony, even if it means triggering a nuclear war.

The social cuts implemented in an eventual debt limit/budget deal will be only a down payment. They will set the stage for an assault on the core entitlement programs—Medicare and Social Security—extracted from the ruling class in the class battles of the 1930s and 1960s.


I warned of Biden's past on these programs as 2020 kicked off. I've also warned of the chess and checkers game being deceptively played out on our society. Checker players are those who have had the pleasure of benefiting from those programs within that century. The chess players are our representation who have been working to diminish those programs on an up tick scale since the Reagan era. Many moves against those of us in the blind as they've been slowly wiping out the middle class. We've been slowly killing ourselves off within a compliant atmosphere turning our backs on those coming up behind us.

The chess game within our western societies with Russia has been playing out since WWll. If you actually know the history, there have been many operations developed and geared towards the annihilation of Russia. The names have been changed many times, but the ultimate goal has never changed. And Ukraine has always been a factor in that goal. Its now playing a factor in our own societies demise.

While you read through this article, many other factors not disclosed are relevant. We have had austerity measures slowly being waged against us since 9/11 to pay for wars and dieing state and local economies. Since 2008 our representation has been printing money out of thin air with nothing to back it up. For multiple various reasons. Hidden behind a facade of helping society when in actuality it was only to help a failing capitalist system. Every calamity since was an excuse for more of the same criminal tactics while society continued to diminished. Their medias job was to reflect attention away from the underlining effects.

Why is unemployment not being reflected on so many places needing workers? Why are main street businesses having such a hard time? It all goes back to all that money being printed. Higher interest rates. Inflation doesn't stop. What wage increases have been achieved have been over whelmed by the above. Main street can't afford to raise wages anymore while housing and food cost have drastically grown. The media doesn't explain to us that while those of us who still are able to manage that there are still many being left behind. It's only going to become harder for many to come as the world structure continues to be turned.

William_Mary 8 May 28
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