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The Vassalage at Heart of the G7

Following the end of the Second World War, the United States built an international system that was premised on the subordination and integration of Japan and Europe, writes Vijay Prashad.

At the close of the last month’s Group of Seven (G7) summit in Hiroshima, Japan, the foreign ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States and the high representative of the European Union (EU) released a long and informative statement.

In a section titled “China,” the eight officials wrote that they “recognise the importance of engaging candidly with and expressing our concerns directly to China” and that they “acknowledge the need to work together with China on global challenges as well as areas of common interest, including on climate change, biodiversity, global health security, and gender equality.”

The diplomatic tone of the statement stands out in contrast to the heated rhetoric that these countries have adopted in recent years and is much softer than the language used at the G7 meeting itself, where the heads of government bandied about the phrase “economic coercion,” indirectly aimed at China.

A close reading of the speeches at the meeting suggests that there are differences of opinion amongst the leaders of the G7 countries, particularly when it comes to China and their own domestic industrial policies.

Certainly, several European states are uneasy about the domestic economic consequences of prolonging the war in Ukraine and of a possible military conflict over Taiwan. It is perhaps this uneasiness that prompted U.S. President Joe Biden to say, “We’re not looking to decouple from China, we’re looking to de-risk and diversify our relationship with China.”

For Europe, the notion of decoupling from China is inconceivable. In 2022, EU figures show that China was the third-largest partner for goods exported from the region and the largest partner for good imported to the region, with most of the goods imported by China being high-end, value-added manufactured goods.

Europe’s domestic economies have already been grievously injured by the West’s refusal to negotiate a peace agreement in Ukraine; being cut-off from the burgeoning Chinese market would be a fatal blow.


Have no doubt that a decoupling from China would also have a fatal blow on the US. Europe already paying a devastating price from decoupling from Russia, from China too, would be potentially crippling. Europe is currently suffering from vast inflation rates while their governments are implementing austerity measures. This is highly due to energy prices as one aspect. Luckily they had a fairly warm winter. But buying Russian energy supplies from 3rd party sources has still forced high prices which have effected their societies. Hoarding grain from Ukraine hasn't been much relief either as it only harms their own farming. Food prices continue to go up anyways. Their own ruling class using their representation against them are milking their societies quite successfully.

It's what the capitalist global market has always been about. Manipulate the transportation of foods and goods to milk their own societies while a slow genocidal campaign is waged on 3rd world countries they manufactured as enemies. It doesn't matter if those 3rd world countries are compliant or opposition countries, they ultimately get turned into shit holes either way. Then blamed as the problem of the world under another manufacture narrative. 30,000 people dye each day due to it.

Further into the article it's explained how this agenda would be developed. Like Japan, the ultimate goal was to manipulate China into the program. Like Russia, China opposed being used.

{Following the end of the Second World War, the United States built an international system that was premised on the subordination and integration of Japan and Europe. This process of subordination and integration was evident in the military apparatus constructed by the United States, with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) established in 1949 and U.S.-Japan Security Treaty of 1951 being the lynchpins.

Establishing a system of U.S. military bases in the defeated powers — Germany, Italy, and Japan — allowed Washington to set aside any talk of a sovereign military or diplomatic project for either Europe or Japan (tantrums from France, inspired by Charles De Gaulle’s grand sense of French destiny, led not to a withdrawal from NATO but only to a removal of French forces from the alliance’s military command in 1966).

There are currently 408 known U.S. military bases in the Five Eyes countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and – because they share intelligence with each other – Israel), in Europe and in Japan. Stunningly, Japan alone has 120 U.S. military bases, while Germany hosts 119 of them.

It is important to understand that these bases are not merely instruments of military power, but also political power.}

Also after WWll, after Russia kicked Japans fascist asses out of China, the US moved the top ranks of Japans biologist, despite the horrid crimes they committed on Chinese and Russian people to the US in which their work became a part of that international systemic injustice on the world citizenship. Spreading maiming bioweapons and death ever since.

{This system is composed of three groups: (1) the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Anglo-American white settler states; (2) Europe; and (3) Japan.

In recent years, the United States has encouraged a Japanese rearmament and a German military build-up, both of which were discouraged after the Second World War, so that these “vassals” can strengthen Washington’s parochial New Cold War against Russia and China as well as the newly assertive states of the Global South.}

I will once again suggest all matters must go through the power structure of the Little City of London. Obviously constructed centuries ago. The international headquarters of the ruling class. With a touch of Vatican to top it off. What is seen in the latter part is a rebirth of the strategic move made in the run up to WWll when the US and England, along with certain banks and wealthy corporations and citizens helped to rebuild the Germany army against the treaty after WWl. We're witnessing a recycling of fascism. All one needs to understand this is a hard look at history and the Ukraine war. Today though, their fascist colonialism is facing 2 major power structures capable of a much more powerful defense of themselves, and a global south in which they have lost much of their total dominance over who is siding with those 2 power structures.

The only real question today for us though is, how much longer will we continue to let them take us down with them? As citizens in their controlled societies, we're essentially allowing a slow genocide campaign being waged on us much like the very one being spread around the globe on 3rd world nations. It has been an ongoing systemic ritual for centuries that will inevitably reach dire consequences for us all. In regards to climate change it has already began to exacerbate our demise.

William_Mary 8 June 4
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