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The resignation of Maria Svart and the political crisis in the Democratic Socialists of America

Last month, Maria Svart, the national director of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), published a statement announcing her resignation from the position. Svart’s decision to step down from the top post in the DSA, one she has held for over 12 years, is one of many indications of a major political crisis within the organization.


{In her statement (“A Farewell from the National Director&rdquo😉, Svart stated that “hundreds of members join each month, but more members leave or let their dues lapse,” producing what she referred to as “a period of membership shrinkage and increasing financial stress.” While Svart did not give figures on recent membership, according to Socialist Majority, a caucus within the DSA, it has fallen by 30 percent in the last two years.

“On our present course, we will be unable to pay all our bills in a few months without a change in direction,” Svart wrote. With regard to the organization’s 2024 budget, she continued, “It will require very hard choices, and longer term, a reckoning with our structure and our definition of democracy.” The organization has racked up a $1.7 million budget deficit that it does not have the funds to pay off.

Various factions and caucuses within the DSA have published statements over the past month presenting their solutions to the financial deficit through cuts and other actions. What is notably absent, however, is any attempt to explain the organization’s crisis politically. This applies in particular to Svart’s own letter, which is devoid of any concrete reference to the political situation. It does not refer to the emerging global war, which began in 2022 over Ukraine and has now extended to the Middle East, the pandemic which has claimed almost 30 million lives since 2020, the elevation of fascistic tendencies and the political crisis in the United States, or the growth of class struggle throughout the world.}

The DSA gained a vast popularity during the 2016 election cycle. Along with the Jacobin Magazine associated with it. DSA {Democratic Socialist of America} I took to it myself as I was staunchly advocating for Bernie Sanders in that election cycle. It didn't take long to recognize though that it was an arm of the democratic party and corporate America. I just wish I had recognized that about Sanders as quickly. Obvious reasoning why the DSA gained popularity so quickly was the Sanders factor. Along with that was the sudden appearance of AOC out of nowhere basically. She was dropped out of nowhere into the social media world along with a video depicting a simple bar waitress out there fighting to represent common citizens struggling against the ruling class. It was one of the greatest deceptions of the election cycle though, in regards to all 4 aspects. Second best only to Russiagate.

The DSA and Jacobin Magazine are both spear headed by the same power source. Basically one in the same agenda. Which is fine to a degree. This particular news site is correlated to it's own version of news related agendas and a political party. The SEP {Socialist Equality Party} You can find links to that party within this news site. However, WSWS and the SEP operate on a relative nature of Trotskyism. Which is basically Trotsky taking Marxism internationally. Advocating that we need to revolutionize on an international scale in unity to confront the failures and crimes of capitalism that keep it alive at the working class peoples expense.

On the other hand, the DSA and JM are essentially fake socialist entities. They serve as an arm of the democratic party. Their end game always herds their followers towards supporting democratic politicians. And corporate America if you do the work of following the beneficiaries. Like Sanders, AOC, and those highly associated with them, the squad of progressives, they never actually put up a fight for the people they claim to represent. Very good at the lips service, but always fall short of doing the ground work and getting out there to fight with those people. Their lack of doing so enables the diminishing of providing support for their lip service. They don't actually build a structure of substantial evidence to support their lip service which provides the constant burial of their spoken policies. So their opposition to legislature ultimately becomes spineless, and presentation of policies useless.

A good example would be AOC. I mentioned she was dropped on us seemingly out of nowhere....above. That was a deception as I also suggested. What has been a major issue in our political arena since her introduction to our political atmosphere? immigration yes? Few people know that she actually served as an intern in Ted Kennedy's office in regards to immigration. {During college, Ocasio-Cortez was an intern for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. She said that she was the only Spanish speaker at the office.[27] Ocasio-Cortez said that because of this, people would talk to her about ICE and deportations.} It's odd, not so odd actually, that each time I look at her profile there that the information on her has diminished each time. Why hasn't she applied her experience to the border issues that have been going on the entire time she has been in DC? There isn't one sincere indication of her genuinely putting an effort into investigating the horrid conditions and judicial apparatuses that have been going on since 2016 up to today. And she has all the tools and people around her to expose what our medias don't! So, who and what does she actually represent!?! It sure the hell isn't us or the people our policies are effecting who are coming to the border. She's not the innocent little bar tender girl she was presented as. She's a fraud. And in time she be another millionaire representative for being one.

And take Sanders as another example. He allowed the DNC and Clinton to rig the primary against him and not only remained silent, but also joined in with what we now know was a fabricated lie about Russian interference. Where are the voices of these two particularly of our tax dollars being wasted to support fascism on two fronts now!?! Nearly 10 years in regards to Ukraine! Why are they allowing our medias to control the information war and not out there speaking the truth!?!

You can scroll down to the bottom of this article and find a number of articles from over the years that the WSWS has exposed the DSA's deceptive nature. They even celebrate the murder of Trotsky in Mexico supposedly at the orders of Stalin yearly. That in its self is a profoundly sick indication of deception for those who claim to support democratic socialism.

They go into the Sanders and AOC effect. I sometimes get a head of the article with my own knowledge 🙂 so sorry, not.

{In fact, the DSA and figures like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez were built up systematically by sections of the Democratic Party, the media and the state apparatus as “state socialists”: their function was and is to trap young people and workers moving to the left, and keep them within the framework of capitalist politics, above all the Democratic Party.}

State socialist I believe is sarcasm for what I often refer to here as the corporate communism our social structure is actually ruled from. If you actually understand the 3 basic type of socialism, the US is under an authoritarian rule of communism where the medias and politicians work for the ruling class and their corporations. Democracy and freedom is a fallacy. A delusional reality.

{Ocasio-Cortez has called socialist opponents of Biden “privileged” and “bad faith actors.” In a recent interview, when asked about her support for Biden as he funds genocide, she said, “We just got to be adults about the situation.”

The DSA in Los Angeles, meanwhile, has been thrown into crisis over its endorsement of Los Angeles Council member Nithya Raman, a DSA member who has received the support of Zionist organizations along with the Democratic Party establishment.}

Andy Thompson and Joseph Kishore go into the DSA'a collaboration with corporations against unions. Kishore was the SEP's last presidential candidate.

Praising the crimes of Stalinism: The DSA and the assassination of Leon Trotsky


{All of this underlies the crisis within the DSA. The decline in membership certainly expresses the fact that many of those who joined or sympathized with the DSA have become disillusioned in the organization and its adamant support for the Democratic Party. At the same time, the DSA is also riven by increasing factional conflicts by the various middle class tendencies that have joined and promoted it.}

**{The DSA is not a socialist organization. It is a faction of the Democratic Party. It represents the interests of privileged layers of the upper middle class, not the working class. As with all organizations of the upper middle class, it is thoroughly nationalist, supporting American imperialism while promoting the politics of racial and gender identity.

For those that mistakenly joined or oriented to the DSA believing it presented an alternative to capitalism and are now leaving the organization seeking genuine socialist politics, the next step must be a total break with all the politics of the middle class and a turn towards genuine Marxism, presented by the International Committee of the Fourth International and the Socialist Equality Party.}**

William_Mary 8 Feb 12
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