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LINK Why the Pentagon’s latest UFO report is a turning point on the issue - YouTube

They are here people. They are eating our children. Just kidding, no they're not. But they are here. Humans should be giving this serious scientific study and philosophical debate IMO. Why the closed minds on the subject?

FvckY0u 7 Feb 15
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Are there Aliens?

Can we travel to stars? Is there another "Earth" out there that we can move to? Should we? Can we expect communication via radio (and/or) Visitation from aliens?

Quick answer;, no, no,

For several reasons;

#1 - We can go 18.6 miles per second now. That's 1/10,000th the speed of light. That will get us to our nearest star system - which is 4.3 light years ( L.Y.) away, in only 43,000 years.

Eventually, rocket scientists foresee going 1/1,000th the speed of light...that's 186 miles per second. But... that would still take us 4,300 years to reach the nearest star and its' planets.


#2. Even talking to our alleged ET "neighbor", via radio (going speed of light, or 186,000 miles per second) would take 8.6 years round trip message - assuming that there's radio-communicating life on the nearest star system.

So we can't even "talk" with them...let alone visit them.

#3.The odds of being life on any planets within 100 L.Y. of us are nil. Really nil.

Drakes equation* suggests....quite simply - that the odds of an intelligent, radio communicating civilization out there is immensely large... perhaps 99.995%.

A famous radio astronomer once said...."if only one in a million stars out there had life on it....and out of that million - if only 1 in a million....if one of them had intelligent, radio sending and receiving life on it...then the numbers of their existence - in our galaxy in the millions.

But that the odds of there being one - within our 100 LY close to 0.001%. That's one thousandth of one percent.

As of 2021, we have discovered that there's about 70 systems within that range...of which only a few have rocky planets that are in the "goldilocks" zone (not too hot, not too likely to have water and life).

Out of those few, there's a much reduced likelihood that they evolved at the same pace we their civilization's have either come and gone...or they're not there yet.


So... are there aliens? Perhaps, far away, if we could go hundreds or thousands of light years in an instant (worm holes? - a lame theory)...then there's good probability that aliens exist and we could meet them.

And they probably will look just like us.

But - are there any close by? No.

Not a chance in our neighborhood (100 LY).

And let’s not forget - the Cetaceans have larger brains than we have. Live a life of no money, no technology, no clothes, no school - quite happily. Who’s to say they’re not more advanced than we are?


Robecology Level 9 Feb 16, 2022

We can't assume more advanced intelligence is other worldly. We need to be looking on our own planet and not thousands of light years away. The only evidence for advanced technology beyond ours is right here on earth.

@darren316 The more you study Cetaceans (whales, dolphins) the more you realize that this is perhaps where we as H. sapiens are headed.

The world is flat, man cannot possibly fly, and going to the Moon is pure science fiction.


Now that our government admits flying objects that we cannot identify you suddenly put beings inside a craft that came from another world. How does that work out? I studied UFO's for 20 years and really wanted to be a believer. Everything about this takes you in a circle and you eventually get back to where you started from.

DenoPenno Level 9 Feb 16, 2022

After 70 years of intimidation and threats from the Air Force, people still think that they'll be looked at sideways and receive disparaging comments. Actually incorporating non-humans, entities that are far ahead of us technologically, into our environment could cause psychological trauma to quite a few people. Many who see these things are indeed traumatized because of the implications.

racocn8 Level 8 Feb 15, 2022

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