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We like hyacinth vines as ornamentals, and pollenator/humming bird attractors. Extremely easy to grow in sun. Not so happy in shade though. The seed pods are an amazing dark purple in color.
Our front yard lamp post will completely disappear in another week or two. Note: Those beautiful purple seed pods are full of cyanide laced seeds.

By bigpawbullets8
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HippieChick58 Level 9 July 9, 2018

Excellent. My mother grew them but called them castor beans. They are not. Like so many other things she got wrong. All parts are edible tho the uncooked beans are toxic. Such a beauty.

Mooolah Level 8 July 9, 2018

Those purple beans are edible but don't eat them raw. They are harvasted when they are tender cooked in most of Asian countries from the dawn of civilization. You can Watch you tube of Indian, bangali, Asian, Philippine, south east Asian cooking's and harvesting. We are taught not to eat anything raw, we cook it. So don't eat it raw. Only the tender beans before the seeds became big is eaten. Once the seed is big, you can dry them to give it away as seeds. Its mostly cultivated by home gardener and sometime you can find it in mom and pop Indian or Asian grocery store. So if I have something extra and I don't feel like processing it I go barter with them or I just give to away. I have neighbors, walker came ask me for things from my yard all the time. The beans are highly priced among vegetarian, vegan from India, hope you can find someone in your area to barter with and they might give a bowl of cooked hycinth beans and potatoes.

Arshi Level 5 July 9, 2018

Very pretty. Let's hope no one will pressure you into revealing your gardening secrets so bad that you'd have to resort to using cyanide. There are many places in our gardens and in fruit trees where cyanide can naturally be hiding. Exciting world!

Silverwhisper Level 7 July 9, 2018

That is a really beautiful Vine

Sheannutt Level 9 July 9, 2018

Rather incredible.

MissKathleen Level 9 July 9, 2018

I wonder if you could grind up those seeds and use them as a pesticide.

Surfpirate Level 8 July 9, 2018

For the mangey cats next door who think my yard is a litter box.

@Hebert54 If someone can conceive of it then it's probably already been done.

@Hebert54, @MissKathleen I was thinking more along the lines of insect pests.

@Surfpirate these mangey cats ARE pests. Totally uncared for.

@MissKathleen Well cyanide would probably do the job of taking care of them - permanenty.

@Surfpirate Someone else today suggested antifreeze. If only I truly were murderous...

@MissKathleen why not just put down some mothball to deter them?

@Surfpirate Well, I didn’t know that would work. But I guess I woukdn’t mind having my back garden looking like it hailed. I wonder how much mothballs cost in bulk. (Photo taken in December 2017.)

@MissKathleen I think my wife picked up a couple of packs at the dollar store the last time we needed them. You can also put your used coffee grounds in the garden as they don't like that smell either.

@Surfpirate I think I’d need quite a few packs. But thank you for the suggestion; I WILL try it. If nothing else, it will provide entertainment for the(so-called, but they never do their job) landscaping caretakers. I wonder how well mothballs stand up to 120-degree temps.

@MissKathleen If nothing else the coffee grounds make good fertilizer.

@Surfpirate It is desert landscape, sand and stone; I want to discourage anything not growing in planters, because the darn lanscaping caretakers do not do their job...and I never drink coffee, because I have to make it taste like ice cream to make it palatable, so it would be a waste. I think it smells great, just can stand the taste.

@MissKathleen First no BBQ and now no Coffee? Life is hard, for me a day without coffee would be like a day without sunshine, probably in a dark prison cell. lol

@Surfpirate LOL, well I feel the same about herbal teas, especially Hibiscus-Blackberry. As for BBQ, I grew up in Michigan; they didn’t have BBQ when I was there. Yes, they BBQ’d at home, but it wasn’t BBQ in the sense all y’all are talking. Then I lived 35 years in Los Angeles county. There were many cuisines to sample there. I do not recall seeing a BBQ restaurant, but neither did I seek one out. I do not know if there is BBQ in Yuma...I looked for a sign when I went to town today, but didn’t see one...I’ll keep looking.

@MissKathleen I looked for you and there is no decent BBQ in Yuma that I could find, just diners and grills that call themselves BBQ but they aren't the real deal. Phoenix seems to be the closest place to get real BBQ and I can't tell how good it is from the pics, looks good but it is really all about the taste. There is a place in Mexacali called La Ahumadora that looks good but it would be Mexican style.

@Surfpirate The, technically the Mecicali stuff wouldn’t be BBQ, right? I know there is at least one PHX person here, maybe he will speak up about it. And frankly, there is no really “good” food here at all...except at my house.

@MissKathleen Barbecue comes from the Spanish word Barbacoa and the Spaniards took the idea from the native peoples of Mexico so technically all Spanish BBQ is the real BBQ but yes it does taste a little different. A torta or a curillo would be closest and can usually be found on mexican food trucks, delicious and affordable.

@Surfpirate Then I’ll write down the name if that restaurant and see if I can get some folks to go. And thank you.

@MissKathleen Big Ribs Smokehouse might be a better option, also in Mexicali and only open on the weekends. La Ahumadera only opens for the dinner crowd and is a stall on wheels with a few picnic tables out front. Habla Espanol?


So attractive and useful!

Spinliesel Level 8 July 9, 2018
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