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I have bees in the zinnias and the okra is blooming!

farmboy2017 7 July 12
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So, okra does have its fans!

I'm one of them!


You must have also gotten a late start on your garden.

We're in a drought and there's not alot of insects.

@farmboy2017 That'll definitely slow things down. I got a lot start on mine, but seem to be ahead of yours. Na na na!

@AstralSmoke I'm at 3,400 ft elevation, too.

@farmboy2017 Big difference!


Yes! The planet lives!!!


That's good, I had a lot more bees this year.

kenriley Level 8 July 12, 2018

I had gobs of them this morning. I could put my hand within an inch of them before they would fly away.

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