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Bee hotel - test fit of cedar fence post sections.
Looks like I'll need less filler than I thought.

bigpawbullets 8 July 12
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It seems a little top heavy for those 2x2 uprights. Sure you don't need some angled support on those 2x2?

kenriley Level 8 July 12, 2018

Thanks for checking it out that closely.
The box and fence post sections are very light weight cedar..
The 2x2s are mitered into those bases and there's 4 inches of surface area on the connection at the box and 2x2. They're glued in with waterproof glue, followed by 2 deck screws and then soaked in polyurethane. I'm pretty confident the joints won't break.


I do not think I understand it, but recognize progress when I see it. Good job...go have some wine.

Ooooo... I like you!!!!

@bigpawbullets haha, the feeling is mutual.


I want to make one of those but use bamboo. Holes are already brill in them. Lol. But the one I plan on building will be much smaller more like bee motel. Yours is going to be more like a grand hotel. Bee Ritz!

Donto101 Level 7 July 12, 2018



And bees use this how exactly?

Yeah, it's definitely not intuitive. Those cedar logs will be fastened from the back via decking screws to the box. Then, the last step will be to drill lots of specific size holes into the front faces of those logs. Two sizes of holes, and to a specified depth. Bees such as carpenter bees, Mason bees, "sweat" bees, and various hornets and wasps use these holes for nesting, sleeping, food and embryo storage..... No honey-bees though. It is a way to propigate and attract alternate pollenators to your garden.

@bigpawbullets Thank you.

@bigpawbullets I looked at a post put up by someone else who had built a bee hotel. The holes in yours are what I was missing. Sounds like a good project. Thanks for your endurance and patience.


That's looking pretty cool I that the bees are going to love it

Sheannutt Level 9 July 12, 2018

What will really piss off Linda is if there are no bees.

@bigpawbullets hopefully you'll have a No Vacancy sign set up in the yard.

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