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I have a spot in my yard that the sprinklers don't hit properly and it quite brown and ugly looking. It is also right by the driveway. If I planted clover.....

HippieChick58 9 Aug 4
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Dutch clover is nothing new it is a common thing on most lawn around here where people don't sprat for dandelions, over time it will suppress the dandelions.


I keep wondering about relative merits of different groundcovers. Thanks for adding one for me to consider. I just don't like mowing grass. I didn't realize clover varies so much in height, but I went on Amazon and read on the clover seed varieties. Some are actually upwards of 12 inches, way too high. But the low-growing stuff is intriguing. I love that it is also a haven for honeybees and butterflies.
My one worry would be how invasive it might turn out to be to slightly raised flower beds that it would surround. Any thoughts?

I hadn't thought of that. It will need more research.

@HippieChick58 I have a small, North facing, suburban front yard with clay soil. The lawn grows fine, so I know there are nutrients in the top several inches, but is still dence, and virtual Hard-pan just 10 or 12 inches Down. One area I feel confident I CAN use clover without worry is between my front sidewalk and the street. I have a less than ideal large drainage ditch parallel to the street, with a 5 foot swath of grass between ditch and street and another 3 feet between the ditch and sidewalk. It is a bit annoying to get my lawnmower out there. The sidewalk is a good buffer between where clover might grow and the main front yard, so it could be a low risk test area for me. I am painstakingly digging and prepping two raised beds for my 3 dozen roses. (It is backbreaking but important for drainage prep work.) A clover patch to bring more honeybees into proximity could be great. I think I'll go for it. ?

@MikeInBatonRouge That is awesome!! I have the same areas, parking strip areas that I could plant the clover in. My front yard faces south. Part of the parking strip area is bounded on 4 sides: sidewalk, driveway, street, and cement pad for the community mail box. It is about 3x4. I have long considered putting some sort of ground cover there.


Adjust your sprinklers, perhaps?

2 years running the sprinker company has told me it's as good as it is gonna get.

@HippieChick58 A drought resistant ground cover might work in that case.


It still wouldn't get water ,and it still would get stepped on when you get out of your car . Perhaps a few flagstones there ?

Cast1es Level 8 Aug 4, 2018
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