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Has anybody grown any odd shaped tomatoes?

Sheannutt 9 Aug 15
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Awesome! Sometimes I get special ones, but never that special.


Adorable! Not nearly as crass and tasteless as the ever-popular penis-carrots that keep happening.


It looks like that one started as two blooms set so close together they merges into one. Like siamese twins.

freeofgod Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

Yes. Tomatoes and carrots are two of the easiest to take odd shapes. But any of them will.

freeofgod Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

I really hope that is real! 🙂

Donna_I Level 7 Aug 15, 2018

I really did laugh out loud!

jacpod Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

Donald !

Cast1es Level 8 Aug 15, 2018
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