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Ketchup -n- Fries. Just wondering if anyone has grown this (these)?


By SeaGreenEyez8
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Interesting, normally the potato fruit is poisonous, is this a different plant or a high bred.

HeathenFarmer Level 8 Jan 16, 2019

They call it grafted. Everything's politically correct, ya' know. smile001.gif

@SeaGreenEyez Cool


Looks great!

itsmedammit Level 7 Jan 16, 2019

THis looks awesome. I have grown potatoes in a trash can

AlexRam Level 7 Jan 16, 2019

On purpose? smile008.gif

@SeaGreenEyez Yes - a clean on with holes in it. You just stick your hand in the holes on the side and it keeps making new potatoes.

@AlexRam No! The worst part of garden potatoes is harvesting them. So your way there's none of that ... ???


I have seen these plants and, yes they are in the same family. The problem is that here potatoes grow well ( I have heard Washington grows more potatoes than Idaho - Wa. potatoes are processed whereas Idaho's potatoes are often fresh) but tomatoes can be iffy depending on one's micro-climate.

JackPedigo Level 8 Jan 16, 2019

I'm an Idaho native. smile001.gif I certainly miss the PNW. ?


There's a song about that, from Canada.

Surfpirate Level 8 Jan 16, 2019


"... she was a little musty ..." hilarious!

@SeaGreenEyez Stompin Tom Connors was canada's troubadour, probably best known for The Hockey Song that is played at most hockey games in the NHL.



Treehugger Level 6 Jan 16, 2019

Also, Territorial Seed is a great company. I like their products.


I did two years ago, but the deer made themselves at home and it got trampled. I need one for them and one for me! ?

? Did they eat it? ??

@SeaGreenEyez Nope, trampled it. I've never seen deer browse tomato plants. They came for the beans and lettuce.

@Shouldbefishing tomato plants are bitter, you can smell that ... that's why I asked if they ate it. I have deer, too ... I might need to put these plants near the house. ??

@SeaGreenEyez The smell isn't enough to keep them out. They are nosey neighbors. Even if they don't eat anything, they still have to go in and have a look around. Some of it may be the cool, moist soil.


No, but a french fry garden sounds like fun.

MissKathleen Level 9 Jan 16, 2019

Right! Comfort food. ?


Never tried it but looks interesting!

HippieChick58 Level 9 Jan 16, 2019

I think so. I'm just wondering how climate select they are. ?

@SeaGreenEyez Maybe you can Google them and read the package?

@MojoDave Haha! I did. I read the whole marketing thingie plus testimonials. I got nothin'. ? That's why I came here. ?

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