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It's Spring where I live so I have been planning for my Summer garden. I have strawberries and raspberries (from previous years) starting to grow back. I will definitely be growing tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, jalapeños, marijuana, and sunflowers. I might try again to grow melons, cucumbers, and eggplant. When does your growing season start? What will you be growing this year?

JenBeberstein 8 Mar 27
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I start planting in September, plant again in February, and growing season is over before the end of May. No, I am not in the lower hemisphere; I’m in the extreme southwest desert.


It's an easy google search..


Robecology Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

It is not easy for me to google what you are growing.

@JenBeberstein Click on the link, Jen. It's a map that shows you when to start growing things in. the U.S.


@JenBeberstein Another version;


@Robecology I saw your map. Thank you!


We can grow all of those until it's really hot, though the marijuana is illegal. Once it's summer, pretty much okra and pigeon peas...

Allamanda Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

Weeds-I'm very good at weeds. Besides that I'm not really sure. I still have a few weeks to plan.

EricJones Level 8 Mar 27, 2019

My favorite weeds here , are what my Mother called Wondering Jew , which has lovely blue flowers , and clover , which has assorted pink flowers .

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