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Anyone watch the episode called Plants in the Netflix doc "Life?" Freakin' amazing, as are most nature documentaries.

Susan4birds 5 Apr 27
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I have had the series in queue for ages. Just watched that episode thanks to your recommendation. Pretty cool. Gotta love time lapse photography!

Right!? Time-lapse is fantastic.


Funny, I have it on my list and started but didn't finish (in this season seems like something is always calling my name). I do watch lots of nature shows and just recommended "Our World" [npr.org] It is one of his best and, with this series, he is screaming we need to get our priorities straight.

The theme song at the end also elicits deep emotions
JackPedigo Level 9 Apr 27, 2019

Na....why pay $9 a month when NPR/PBS has 'em free?

Robecology Level 8 Apr 27, 2019

I gotta try it !

Edgeward Level 6 Apr 27, 2019

Nope, but on my list.

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