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Thank you to the ones who identified my Morning Glories the other day. I know they are invasive (yet I usually kill them) but aren't they so pretty 😀 and they are blue(ish) ❤

Heidi68 8 Aug 20
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They ARE pretty. I have plunged into a similar situation by planting morning glories and their cousins, moon flowers, around a crape myrtle. I don't care too much for the crape myrtle, but its trunk is a lovely structual scaffolding for vines. I made a 7 foot diameter cement circular border (with drainage holes)around the tree and scattered the seeds in there. Any vines that pop up outside of that I will tear out; they get no waiver or reprieve. I am still constructing two raised rows for trellised boysenberries just several feet away, so I will doubtless have to police the morning glories vigilantly. I guess I will know in two or three years whether the morning glories are charming or a cursed mistake. 🤔

They will be charming (positive attitude over here 😁 )
I am guessing the birdies who were sharing my blackberries brought the morning glories - I haven't planted any (here) but there are some wild ones on my neighbors property.

Oh & boysenberries! Yummmmmy!

@Heidi68 Boysenberries have all the goodness of blackberries and raspberries rolled into one! Plus, they are nastalgic for me. My grandfather grew seemingly endless supplies of them when he was alive. He had lost his farm in the great depression, went to work for the railroad the rest of his career, but also built his own house on a third of an acre in suburban Eugene Oregon. He turned that lot into the most beautiful and intensely productive garden I have ever seen, and the boysenberries were a highlight for me. Mom got the gardening bug from him and I guess passed it on to me. Many good memories attached to that. 😍

@Heidi68 I suspect you are right about the birds bringing the morning glory seeds into the blackberry patch. ---Or we could just say blackberries attract morning glories! 🤗

@MikeInBatonRouge I had my first boysenberries out west and boy are they delicious in milkshakes! 🤣

@Heidi68 Yes! They do not keep fresh at all well, which is why they are rarely for sale, but it sure seems someone could profit from selling them frozen. 🤔

@MikeInBatonRouge hmmmm sounds like an opportunity to me 😁


I trellised mine and mowed close to the ground around them and they never spread. I had a wall of lovely shade on my patio with them.

NoPlanetB Level 8 Aug 20, 2019

They are in my blackberries so I am torn....

@Heidi68 You could move some to a better location and then kill out the ones in the blackberries. I love blackberries and sadly they will kill them out.

@NoPlanetB it is coming up right in the middle of the blackberries....

@Heidi68 Can you transplant the blackberries?

@NoPlanetB probably not, they are monsters....

@Heidi68 did you mark the canes that produced this year and feed the sprouts for next years berry crop. Once they have finished bearing remove the old canes to get sturdy growth .

@glennlab no I didn't - the crazy things were covered in berries. Good thing the birds were helping me eat them cause I could not keep up.