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I discovered Chanterelle mushrooms while hiking last year. I wonder what they taste like? They smell fruity.

flower_nut 7 Feb 7
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Here in Oregon, they are the only mushrooms that we pick. Lovely to eat. Nothing out there that looks quite like them if you slice them open. Start looking after the first rains in the fall.


Just make sure you don't pick the Jack o Lantern look alikes but Chantrelles are amazing fare.

Surfpirate Level 8 Feb 10, 2020

They are so pretty.😉

I agree they look as beautiful as any flower.🙂


we had them often in Louisiana growing up--there is a hint of nuttiness in them if I am rememberng correctly

I've heard also they taste nutty and not too earthy.


I think, but do not hold me to it, that they were used in the following recipe -

"Not that I will ever prepare this but I was entranced by the ingredients, scenery and suit in this ..."

I guess it's not as simple as putting them on pizza. I'm no chef and wouldn't want to spoil these mushrooms by cooking them myself. I would be willing to pick them and have someone cook them for us to try.

@flower_nut look for cooking members in your neck of the woods. @FrostyJim springs to mind.


They're great though they do tend to be a little chewy. They are one of the safer mushrooms to pick and identify.

Buttercup Level 7 Feb 7, 2020

They are very distinguishable in the forest but it took me several years to spot these. I wonder if I stumbled upon someone's claim? 🤔They are located in the middle of a hiking trail less travelled.


I have not gone mushroom hunting since I moved from the PNW. The old rule of thumb is there are only two types of mushroomers, old ones and bold ones. My last attempt at simply reading almost cost me a very upset stomach. One family has no known poisonous members, lycopodia, however there is a imitator that causes stomach distress. Always have someone that knows what they are looking at evaluate the actual mushrooms. Pick 5-10 and have them evaluated.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 7, 2020

I'm not overly ambitious to try wild mushrooms since my experience with the magic variety. In my opinion, I see why a religious experience comes with magic mushrooms.
These mushrooms look amazing simply because it's my first time finding them. I see all kinds of false chanterelles that didn't look like this. I would sell them before I would eat them or leave them to spread.


delicious, but have a local expert check them!

Allamanda Level 8 Feb 7, 2020

Good advice. We have many foragers who sell mushrooms and know where they grow each season. I could hire one as a guide to show me how to identify them. I like looking for mushrooms as much as finding wildflowers.

@flower_nut A local forager probably knows how to cook them. My organic veggie growers and vendor is also a professional chef and delights in sharing his knowledge & ideas with buyers.

@FrayedBear I never met an edible mushroom that didn't gain from being fried gently in butter and sprinkled with herbs...

@Allamanda I also love raw with my own sesame oil, vinegar & cream dressing.

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