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Feeling quite productive today. Spent 2 hours in the chicken yard to concrete in a pole to hold up bird netting. Then moved some poles that are going to be used to create another coop areas as the old coop is falling down. And finally did some cuttng back of the vegetation under the bird netting as it had started to try and grow through it. All of this before the sun emerged from the clouds. So while it was 33Celcius and relative humidity was at 60% we did not have the sun screaming down on us. I did cope a blow to the shoulder from the pole as I went to get the concrete and the helper holding the pole let it drop, just missed a head blow and one of my thongs broke. So a good day given how accident prone I am. Managed to keep working even with the broken thong. (for those from other places a thong is a piece of footwear) We did have a bunch of corellas screaming at us because they wanted to come down and raid the chicken seed.

Budgie 7 Feb 8
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Congrats, way to work like a woman!

The chooks helped, we had a pile of dirt beside the hole it is not there anymore and the concrete has been covered over.


The one on the left , appears to be laughing at your little trials .

Cast1es Level 8 Feb 8, 2020

That is just stock photos from the internet of what a corella is as there are many people here not from Australia and may be wondering.


I, too, am accident prone.... I am always a bit worried if I complete a project with no injuries 😊
I spent part of the morning studying aviaries. I want to build one for my African Grey this spring.

Heidi68 Level 8 Feb 8, 2020

Good luck all depends on if you buy a kit or have to create it yourself. My new coop is from a friends yard, she is selling and wanted to clear out her chicken shed area, so we went around and pulled it down it is heavy steel and the poles still have concrete on them. going to have to get a few friends over to put it up I think. Small steps dig a hole plant a pole work out where the next pole needs to be put up a side. Going to take us a while. A kit shed we got up in a week. (had to put the sides together first)

@Budgie I was looking at making/designing one. I had a small grenade one in Oklahoma but the top was made of a canvass type material, needless to say Bear ate a hole in the edge. Now, he had lived in it for about 6 months before he realized it was a fun chew toy....

@Heidi68 I am waiting for the corellas to decide to hang from the bird netting and destroy it. Last night one of the chooks jumped up on top of ithe netting and sat there like she was in a hammock for a bit. But then I put food on the ground and she flew out of it like a torpedo. I was worried that her claws would get stuck. I am trying to cover their area as I lost a lot of my chooks to hawks (all in one day there were 30 hawks in my yard) not something I want to go through again.


Sounds like a typical Australian NT day! Well done. Bought new thongs now? You should for safety be wearing work boots.

I am! Aussie safety boots! I hate shoes so tend to use thongs. I know I should not but I also in barefeet dug out a pond, standing in muddy water. Nightcliff gardeners disease would love me.

@Budgie But you know you're accident prone? Any shoe that would prevent your toes being broken would be an improvement. 👍

@RavenCT the local saying is usually "she'll be right mate".

@RavenCT It is generally not my feet that get damaged, arms, back, shoulders, hips, legs, my feet just sail on through. So far also managed to miss my head although yesterday was close as the person yelled out and I nearly turned into the falling log. Never broken a bone just lots of bruising. Also up here shoes tend to disintegrate quickly, so I buy a pair of boots for $50 ( cheap plastic capped ones) or 300 for steel capped work wear ones wear them a few times getting a job done and the next time I need to do something big have to buy new shoes as the soles have crumbled, cracked, fallen off. Getting my size in boots is also interesting as I am a 5 1/2 foot I can buy size 5 which pinch and hurt, or 6 which give me blisters as they are loose and rub, even with two pairs of thick socks and cotton wool stuffed in the toes. They don't tend to make work boots in 5 1/2.

@Budgie Does leather rot? If not try soaking boot in Neetsfoot oil then wearing to mould to foot shape. Aren't the Aldi work boots made out of leather? They are about $50.
Don't your thongs rot out?
Colorado brand used to be good and last whilst not being too expensive.
Does no one advertise rot proof tropical boots. I used to love the army style canvas tropical boot, very comfortable but have not had a pair for a very long time. I don't know about the size though.
I love cute little clean manicured feet but generally think feet the ugliest part of the human body.

@Budgie I am betting you could order them online. They have to make safety shoes for everyone now... My Dad was a EEE and they got steel toed work shoes that fit him!
I think FrayedBear is right - you need to air them - and then treat them with a leather preservative. That's key to keeping them.
I've kept some shoes/boots decades. My Sorel Winter boots come to mind... But storing them clean and dry is key.
I've had those boots 30 years now.

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