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More irises are blooming. The yellow one is 'Bold Look', the red ones are 'Wee Stroll', and the gold and blue one is called 'Pokemon'. These last two are dwarf iris. The last photo is a repeat of the arilbred iris I posted before but this one has 3 more blooms on it.

RussRAB 8 Mar 27
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Ooooo, the "Wee Stroll"!


The blue one looks just like the Coast Irises I had in my Seattle home. They were really nice flowers.

JackPedigo Level 9 Mar 27, 2020

I've seen Coast Irises in catalogues and was very interested, but I was afraid they wouldn't survive where I live. The pictures of these flowers are gorgeous.

@RussRAB You might be right. I live in a temperate climate and the heat of Texas might kill them.


Here are two more in bloom I missed earlier.

RussRAB Level 8 Mar 27, 2020

The fabulous colors! Thanks for posting!

AnneWimsey Level 9 Mar 27, 2020

Your garden is lovely !

Cast1es Level 9 Mar 27, 2020

I've always liked Irises, I have a bunch that are just starting to come up from the planters I put them in back in January.

Surfpirate Level 9 Mar 27, 2020

Irises are probably my favorite. It's been fairly recently that I've tried keeping up with the variety names. Most of what I have blooming are in pots because I ran out of room in my plots. Until I dig up more of my yard, I'll have to satisfied with the ceramics.

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