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Boy I miss having a Garden so much.?

By Sheannutt9
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@Sheannutt Yes a serious gardener can have serious withdrawal symptoms and depression about losing that earth connection, talking from personal experience. Last year I was living in another small city not far from where i am now, but it was wonderful that there were not just one, but TWO community gardens ... and I got a 5 x 12 ft raised bed! It was wonderful. Is there anything like that in Grants Pass? My community garden donated lots of vegies to the Food Bank, perhaps you can make a case for that !

dede18 Level 8 June 24, 2018

I don't know if they really have anything like that here cuz so many people grow their own Gardens and there are a lot of little farmer markets right now. but yet I still miss put my hands in the dirt and working in the garden. Once I find me some property I will put me in a garden.


We could certainly give Monsanto a run for their money hehe

Leafhead Level 8 May 27, 2018

You got that right cuz I never used pesticides in my garden

@Sheannutt I am the same way. I never use chemicals in my yard. My late former father in law was a chemical engineer for Monsanto. I used so many Monsanto products when the kids were growing up. Then FIL told us about the chicken feed and other scandals. I now avoid Monsanto like the plague.


I am not sure that I would go that far, but we could certainly reduce our food costs. I give a LOT of vegetables with neighbors, but have no one to trade with. I think that I am one of only two serious vegetable gardener in the entire neighborhood..

wordywalt Level 8 May 27, 2018

I need to find some food plants that grow in partial to full shade. I have a lot of trees.

CraeftSmith Level 7 May 27, 2018

That will severely limit your choices. Try green beans and lettuce -- maybe potatoes. Not good for most others.

@wordywalt hey thanks! Your the first person to ever give an answer instead of just saying I was out of luck! I was hoping someone like you would reply.

Yams,berries, Malabar Spinach, Garlic and Chives, potatoes, Tomatillos, most herbs ginger and most leafy greens. There is a lot you can grow in shade.


I don't have a garden either. smile003.gif

Ellatynemouth Level 8 May 27, 2018



I organized a local garden share and we meet once a month to share plants, cuttings, seeds, home grown food, bulbs, tool, pots, etc... even eggs and fertilizer, all free. Anything farm or garden related. It's a bring what you have and take what you need kind of event. I've made lots of friends, Recycled a lot of items and landscaped my yard basically for free. It's a win, win!

CaroleKay Level 8 May 27, 2018

That is wonderful don't know if they have that around here where I live.

That sounds wonderful.

If they don't have one, you can start your own. I created a Facebook group, but you could do it on Next door, Craigslist. etc...We have several now in the surrounding communities, we all worked together and picked a date, for instance, mine is the third Saturday every month unless it's a Holiday. But this way there is a share every weekend.


You are more than welcome to come help me weed this plantation LOL I'll send you home with fresh veggies. smile001.gif

SkotlandSkye Level 8 May 27, 2018

When I lived in Texas we grow a big Garden if I still lived there I wouldn't have a big Garden but I come help you pull weeds and take home some great veggies


yes yes, yes

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 27, 2018
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