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Any of you doing a lot of whole foods?
PandaCat July 7 Jul 7 44
Mitch07102 July 5 Jul 5 00
Coming to our group for help and advice. About 3 years ago I got serious about keto (more towards the carnivore end) and in 14 months lost 100 lbs. At times it was easy, other times not so much. Then I went to school finish my degree. Suddenly I ...
boatdude87 Apr 25 Apr 25 11
In an effort to stay on keto-track during isolation, my honey and I just finished 5 days of what we call Egg Week. Eggs, cheese, fat (google and look around - we used Jimmy Moore's plan, he of Livin La Vida Low Carb). It was fun - and there are scads...
HHHeathen Apr 24 Apr 24 22
Low carb stuff that works for us: Zoodles, Cauliflower Rice. Low Carb Tortillas from Trader Joes. Something grilled on the barbie and salad. Egg dishes.A roast and veggies. A cheat day a month. Will power. Visualization.Portion control. Cravings ...
Happycanuck Feb 19 Feb 19 11
Feeling frustrated! I am having problems getting back into the program.
Donna_I Jan 7 Jan 7 44
From Thanksgiving to New Year's, I'm just totally off program. I'm just glad it doesn't start on my birthday in August!
pokerboss77 Dec 25 Dec 25 11
Anyone else tried chaffles yet? Suprisingly good!
1of5 Nov 14 Nov 14 22
I found Monk Fruit sweetener at Costco yesterday. It’s granulated like sugar and taste like sugar but has 4g of sugar alcohols. It’s keto friendly so I’ll be trying it in dessert recipes soon. Will post results!
helionoftroy Nov 3 Nov 3 44
Understanding Diabetes from a new perspective.
AmmaRE007 Nov 3 Nov 3 00
I just made a batch of deviled eggs with ghost pepper hot sauce. Great for keto snacks, breakfast or just with meals. I'd better put them in the fridge before I demolish them. Recipe upon request, quite simple really.
GuyKeith Aug 24 Aug 24 22
Snacks! Lots to choose from.
Hathacat Aug 24 Aug 24 11
Have you tried Rebel ice cream? The only thing I miss is ice cream and found this at HEB. Most flavors are 5 net carbs for the entire pint. I usually have only a spoonfuls and I’m satisfied. But if a really bad day I can eat the entire pint. ( ...
Gypsy494 Aug 17 Aug 17 00
Making this eve Egg roll in a bowl You can use ground beef, ground turkey or pork 1 Pound Ground Pork or Pork Sausage 1 Sweet Onion, sliced thin 4-5 Garlic Cloves, Minced 1 (16 ounce) Package Coleslaw OR 1 Medium Green Cabbage Shredded ...
Gypsy494 Aug 17 Aug 17 44
So, I'm not doing Keto, but am Keto friendly and can see the benefits of cutting out sugars and carbs to the extreme level you do on Keto, even if I won't get into ketosis. I am experimenting with making Flackers. I like the recipe that includes chia...
WisdomWarlord July 18 Jul 18 33
Interesting little study. I've been doing keto for over a year now and not only have i dropped 90 lbs, my blood numbers are perfect. Find a way of eating that matches your metabolism/biochemistry and stick with it!
1of5 June 24 Jun 24 22
A thoughtful interview of a pioneer in the promotion of LCHF, but definitely not vegetable oils.
Mitch07102 June 13 Jun 13 00
A thoughtful interview of a pioneer in the promotion of LCHF, but definitely not vegetable oils.
Mitch07102 June 13 Jun 13 00
You may have heard of Facebook temporarily banning the South African Banting group. This is an interview with the group's founder. It covers their founding, approach, why the group has become so large.
Mitch07102 May 31 May 31 00
How do you get over a plateau? My partner and I have been on keto for 9-mos. Like a lot of folks who start lowcarb diets, our initial weight loss was dramatic (20-30 lbs in the first 3 mos). Our results have been less spectacular in last six months ...
TelefunkenU37 Mar 7 Mar 7 44
Hi all! Getting back on the low carb track after "sinning" for too long! I started low carb in May of 2017, after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I told my doctor that I would NOT go on meds, and got her immediate approval to do low carb. ...
germangirl90439 Jan 11 Jan 11 55
I miss gingerbread . Does anyone have a passable low carb recipe? TIA!
BeachChick66 Dec 4 Dec 4 11
I had great success in ridding myself of a serious dental infection. Part of the success was due to having a period of eating no simple carbs and very few complex carbs. Dental infections involve bacteria that love simple sugars. So you may say I ...
MarcusF Nov 24 Nov 24 66
$12 million dollar low-carb scientific study shows "The people on the low-carb diet burned more than 200 extra calories EACH day." I, myself, have lost nearly 80 pounds and still losing.
graygreen Nov 19 Nov 19 22
Effects of a low carbohydrate diet on energy expenditure during weight loss maintenance: randomized trial Published 14 November 2018
Aivery Nov 14 Nov 14 22

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