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We are worried about you

glennlab 10 Jan 9
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No sense of humor means you're already there.

Lorajay Level 9 Jan 10, 2021

So I have been suffering from dementia since I was twelve! Well that explains a lot.

Sticks48 Level 9 Jan 10, 2021

You are not alone!

@EyesThatSmile That's comforting. ☺


I am going to keep believing that is “ not enough sleep “
I forgot my mailing address recently . My zip code too .
Once I was driving and panicking , did not recognize where I am . The worst feeling in the world .
Then at work , I had one incident that couldn’t remember name of common drug.
I thought of dementia . Or vascular issues / brain .
My team said that I am simply an idiot that haven’t slept in 10 months . Fuck it , I am going w my teams opinion😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌🦇🦇🦇

Pralina1 Level 9 Jan 10, 2021

I hope you sleep well soon.

I have no doubt you are burning, at the expense of sleep, more high energy work hours then is healthy.

A few years ago I got ripped off (forgot some people are crooks) as I purchased for $1,500 (4) speakers advertised with large format drivers but I failed to take apart the used speakers to check the drivers. When I got home and opened the cabinets I discovered the highs were not the advertised $850 large format driver but small higher frequency drivers (worthless to me) that are worth about $75 each. I was so upset at myself for not checking the drivers over the course of many months I slept a total of a few dozen hours. Not healthy. Memory and basic functions were at times sketchy. Once during that time while getting ready for a shower I locked my car and YMCA keys in my YMCA locker. Took me several minutes to realize the solution was to walk home, use the combination lock for the electric garage door, retrieve my spare YMCA and car keys then walk back to the YMCA. I also had my shirt locked in the locker so had to walk home shirtless. The YMCA is over 5 miles from where I work but the next day at work three people gave me a hard time as a two of them (in different cars) saw me walking home without a shirt. Funny? What are the odds?

As you know without enough sleep everything goes south, blood pressure, chemistry, brain functions. . . Hope you can soon return to a better sleep schedule and regain normal/strong functions.

As you are likely to continue a superhero (limited time for sleep) schedule for a while, It may be worth writing notes? Getting lost is very scary. Some areas are scarier then others. Brings to mind stories of driving in Denver Colorado. . .

@NoMagicCookie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Given my grandfather, father and now uncle all had it, while none of the females on Dad's side have it also that side of the family do not have dark senses of humour, and I do I am either doubly screwed or in the clear I don't know which way to go with it.

Budgie Level 8 Jan 9, 2021

Done like a dog's dinner.


I got my dementia from watching really bad horror and sci-fi films on TV as a little kid.
Later, it got a boost from reading MAD magazine as an adolescent.
Then, as a teen, I got even more demented from smoking dope, dropping acid, and reading Robert Crumb comics.
And I almost forgot Saturday mornings with the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner show.
I mean, what did they expect?

davknight Level 8 Jan 9, 2021

For many years

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 9, 2021

Then I have had dementia warning signs for decades!

They also claim that a dark sense of humor is a sign of higher intellegence.

@glennlab I thought it came from a childhood of neglect and religious indoctrination, years of domestic violence and all the gaslighting and cognitive dissonance it entailed which eradicated any pollyannaish optimism I may have harbored and led to deep cynicism and a love of black comedy, satire and irony.


I have had mine since I was a child.... Over 50 years of dementia I guess.... It figures I guess that is what I get for listening to Dr Demento on the radio as a child right?...


I'm doomed

ne too

@glennlab it's started Glenn - you're neighing!

@glennlab next you'll snort & toss your mane!

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