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What did i just read?

scurry 9 Mar 24
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Our military in action

Mooolah Level 8 Mar 24, 2021

But what happened to the racoon, why is the fate of the racoon not mentioned? Why does my spell checker not like the word racoon?

Budgie Level 7 Mar 24, 2021

He should have let the raccoon drive the car.

OldGoat43 Level 9 Mar 24, 2021

Seems like he (almost) knew that trick.

1950debris Level 7 Mar 24, 2021

The navy personnel who serviced the Polaris submarine support ship in the Clyde during the cold war were mostly very well behaved as they were in deep shit if the got in to trouble. I was drinking in a country pub late one night when a young American guy appeared looking for help.He and a few of his buddies had taken a shore patrol vehicle and a couple of local girls and went for a jaunt. They had stuck the van in a ditch on the narrow country road. We all piled out and managed to manhandle the van on to the road. The Navy guys were profuse in their thanks as we probably saved them from an early return home.

Moravian Level 8 Mar 24, 2021

Fucking Squids ya gotta love em they are entertaining as hell...

Yeah, when I was in the USN we used to be in bars w/ the Jar Heads. They'd always be strutting around, acting bad-ass. We Squids would get into a fight w/ a few & the whole bar would get going. We'd duck out 1-by-1, leaving the Marines to fight among themselves until the SP's showed up, rounded them up & we'd have the bar to ourselves!

@phxbillcee I remember it differently we would toss the Squids out the windows or pile them in a corner then finish our drinks and leave you guys for the locals to handle. You do know what a Squid is right?.... A lower form of Marine life with no backbone...

On a side note, I'm continuously amused at all the straight folk, especially tRump folk, who get into YMCA. Do they never listen to the lyrics? Like the couples who's wedding song is "Every Breath You Take", a stalker anthem! Ya' gotta love 'em. Or not.

@phxbillcee Yeah my father used to sing that one all the time because he thought it made him "cool" he was an ex-Squid....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Yeah, right! Another Jar Head myth! Funny coming from a member of the Navy's Color Guard!

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Should have never been able to pass the tests! & he birthed a Jar Head...says something about genetics.

@phxbillcee Thankfully I was adopted so I didn't inherit the defective gene that made me want to be stuck on a ship without women for months at a time....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Anyway, catch ya' tomorrow, bro! I've always liked going back and forth w/ the Marines. It was a hobby then, & it's still fun now. Much respect!

@phxbillcee Respect back and don't drown in the pool it would be embarrassing...


I would have thought this would have been a Marine stunt, but thinking on it, I think the Marine would not have thought of that substitute & would have instead tried to fart in the interlock system. Also, for a First Class, he should have been able to hold his liquor better. Must have been Stateside too long.

phxbillcee Level 10 Mar 24, 2021

Not a Marine but sure as shit the Army would have tried farting in the interlock and shit all over everything... Air Farce would have probably just flapped his arms and tried to fly home... Marines would have just humped it 20 miles back to base like I did back when I was in...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Aw, c'mon. Really? What Marine can even count to 20?!?

@phxbillcee All of us but mostly we count to three before tossing a grenade...


I can't imagine anyone being able to capture a raccoon without serious injury to himself.

That is impressive! & to be able to actually get the animal to blow in the interlock enough to get the car started??? Actually, pretty ingenious & impressive when you think about it! Yeah, totally dumb, but genius, too!


Another reason to love raccoons! If I had a “spirit animal,” it would be one of those rambunctious, masked troublemakers.

Also, I guess we now know what we can do with a drunken sailor ...

The-Krzyz Level 7 Mar 24, 2021
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