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Good morning my fellow reasonable ones! I've been gleefully trashing men this morning. Just for fun, on the other side...here's a couple memes that are gold!

Freespirit64 8 Mar 1
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Very true

Zoohome Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Some truth there...

BeeHappy Level 9 Mar 1, 2019

I resemble that meme.

noworry28 Level 8 Mar 1, 2019

Which one?

@Zoohome the second one.?


The one thing men and women agree on: you can’t trust women.

Jk1960 Level 7 Mar 1, 2019

The lady knows of what she speaks.

Mokvon Level 8 Mar 1, 2019

Sorry; the memes do reflect a lot of truth about us..

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