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Baby Yoda da da da da da
Baby Yoda da da da da da...
Daddy Yoda da da da da da
Daddy Yoda da da da da da...

scurry 8 Nov 19
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Commenting on that last one is dangerous in these here parts, stranger.

Why's that?

@scurry You may draw comments from bitter women wondering where the father is for their bastard children. It's not uncommon for guys to be arrested for failure to pay child support several times until she abandons all hope.

There's also a talk show where they bring in two to three guys to play the game of "who's the daddy." One time I tuned in for a woman who was back because the last four guys weren't the daddy during the last two visits. Then they found another couple of guys . . . . I didn't want to know the rest of the story.

My guess is she did the dirty with whatever men were available.

There are women that will roast your ears off on this topic and rightly so.

Recently, I was talking to a gal who refused to move into public housing because it was overflowing with single mothers who had several bastard children each.

This child support and the men who abandon them is a dangerous topic, raising the righteous ire of many a gal. They burn you ears off.

@WonderWartHog99 Thanks for the clarification. Well stated.
If they feel the need to bitch and complain about a meme with Yoda - A Puppet - looking to ditch his fatherly duties - they are welcome to do so. This isn't really a group that is easily offended and if they are, that's their prerogative.
Personally, I've had plenty of opportunities (in my younger days) to get knocked up and produce a brood - but I was pretty discriminating about who would be a good enough father to my child(ren). Sure, crap happens and that can be unfortunate, frustrating and maddening... so I appreciate what you've said.
Thanks again.

@scurry > This isn't really a group that is easily offended

I've had my ears roasted, primarily by offended women on Last time it was because a quoted W.C. Fields in a group about quotes.

The gig is if you quote someone, someone else will think you endorse that quote even if it comes from a Muppet.