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Getting you ready for tomorrow

RavenCT 9 Mar 27
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Normies with their inspirational quotes and their " how old were you when you first lost your faith?" polls. And their "you shouldn't post that because it's might be a offensive to somebody" garbage. Concern trolling that's all they are about. It's people like them that give atheists a bad name.

((((((Eric)))))))) Bad day?

@RavenCT you could say that!

@EricTrommater As I stated in your "apology", I must have missed that, & hell, @BeeHappy does "inspirational" all the time! I'll admit, it's not my reason for being on "Memes...", but I'll either tease or ignore. Any that don't belong here will fade away, they won't be able to keep up! I do hope you have a better day tomorrow, just remember, I'll always be here!!!

@EricTrommater (& I thought you'd take that last line as a curse/threat! LOL)

@phxbillcee if anyone posts one of those fucking click bait polls about favorite sexual positions in my group...and it isn't at least 80 percent snark...I will fucking lose it!


Uh, @RavenCT, I'm a nice gentle guy, really. I'll back away slowly, okay?

phxbillcee Level 9 Mar 27, 2018

I wasn't thinking of you dear!

There is this one guy from HS on FB that I keep wanting to lay waste to though. He lives in England and supports Trump.