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And why not?

Jetty 7 Feb 16
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I have a suspicion that many here in Australia will claim it discriminatory. I used to be part of a group called Men for Equal Justice. It lasted about 2 years folding for lack of support by men or women and intense antagonism from women's groups who according to the local female police sergeant did not want to prevent domestic violence but simply lock men up. Interestingly a pamphlet that I wrote continued to be copied and made available to the public at the local court house by the clerk of court for five years after the group disbanded.

FrayedBear Level 9 Feb 16, 2020

Hi. I don't see anything wrong with it. 🙂 It probably provides a comfortable (safe) space for men who want to talk about gender-specific matters, etc. among themselves without feeling embarrassed. Plus, if it is supported by the women in their community, that should be fine. Not everything has to be politicised, I don't think.

@Jetty I do not disagree with the Welsh group.
I disagree with the misandrists claiming only men perpetrate violence and only women can be victims.
Women here have had sexist women only health groups for 40 years and still claim that they are discriminated against.
{ne small improvent here in Australia has been the development of the Men's Shed movement. [mensshed.org]
The organisation MEJ that I mention was in the mid 90's.

"I disagree with the misandrists claiming only men perpetrate violence and only women can be victims."
Absolutely. Hence the "men only" group supported by men AND women who disagree with the misandrist claim you mention. I like their boldness in running such a group. Good luck with them.
I'm sorry that your group didn't last... Perhaps, you could try again? It's interesting that your pamphlet continued to be circulated, which suggests that there is a demand for such a group.🙂

@Jetty Others have taken up the campaign but my experience in the main has been that men are apathetic. A report today identified that police were called out to about 260 domestic violence incidents in January. The press has been baying for months if not years that there is an epidemic of domestic violence incidents occurring. On an annualised basis the number of incidents requiring police attendance is less than 1% of the population. Claims are made that 1 in 4 people experience dv in their lifetime. Do the statistics hold up or are they being fudged?

@FrayedBear Yesterday, Caroline Flack, the Love Island presenter, took her own life at her London flat three weeks before she was due in court for a trial for an alleged assault on her boyfriend. So, there is no doubt that men can be victims of domestic violence as well as women, though it may be less common.

@Jetty Her suicide does not necessarily prove her guilt. Even when not guilty the stress of court can result in driving people to thinking suicide the only answer.

@FrayedBear Innocent until proven guilty, eh? You're right.


What's interesting is that this event, organised by a man for men only, is supported by a lot of women. Am I missing something here? 😂

Jetty Level 7 Feb 16, 2020

Do they discuss how to find a clit?

That's an unknown subject.


You don't say where you're from?

Robecology Level 8 Feb 16, 2020

This gathering is organised in Wales, UK. I don't live there, though.

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