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Foster's Wisdom

BDair 7 Feb 21
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Short term greed outweighs the future of the planet.

EricJones Level 8 Feb 22, 2020

I’m blaming religion, among other things, for our failure to emotionally evolve as a species. Hopefully when we go we won’t destroy the entire planet and all life.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Feb 21, 2020

I'm afraid it's programmed into our DNA Foster...the #Religulous had a clue about being the "shepherds of the environment"...but that basic drive to hoard, reproduce, and be greedy dominated over environmental "shepherding"....

Having said that - I'm an optimist. I think Electric vehicles, mass transit and alternative energy, combined with the logic of smaller families...will win this one and set us on a better path.

But I appreciate your warning. Ruffff...

Robecology Level 8 Feb 21, 2020

For a few bucks and some prestige or power.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Feb 21, 2020



To quote Seinfeld: "People.... They're the worst!"

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