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This will also be detrimental for celebrities, pornstars, Instagram models, and the whole plastic surgery business

joeymf86 8 Feb 28
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Ocean-litter has literally no place to go because there is no active bacteria "in the wild" or in the environment that "digests plastic"...yet.

"Scientists working on Oceanic bound pollution saw that it did not grow in 22 years, even if the plastic production grew fourfold. An organism may be eating plastic in the ocean, but whether the bug is green or mean remains to be seen."


I'm sure they're testing introducing this one as we speak/type.

Robecology Level 8 Feb 28, 2020

Well, the less plastic in the ocean, the better.

@joeymf86 If you read the whole article you see that the reason that there’s a slow of plastic ocean pollution while the production has quadrupled....it has a lot to do with several steps the plastic makers have made;

  1. Using less; you may notice the water bottles today are flimsier....they crush more quickly; because they’re thinner...made with less plastic

  2. Increasing biodegradability; This is being done mainly by conscientious plastic makers...most don’t car

3.Recycling efforts are picking up. More communities are going through all wastes and pulling out the recyclable materials...hence less ends up in landfills or in ocean dumps.

  1. Landfilling has increased. The future “gold mines” will be these landfills...even accidentally discarded valuables now can be mined out better and better.

Loved to know a teenager discovered it. What a great way to do. I would like to follow this kid and see what he will end up graduating on. 😊

@Zoohome 16 Year old Boyen Slat - now 23...was the creator of this giant plastic ocean collection process;



Meh. One of the mostly overlooked aspect of breast enlargement is the upkeep. They have to replace the implants in Betty Big Boobs every few years. Nobody ever talks about wear and tear on those things. On the long haul, I don't see any serious problems.

Too bad. I'm hoping the bacteria will make people use plastic or get fake plastic body parts less. I do feel sorry for how it will impact the LEGO people.

@joeymf86 Lego people were meant to be stepped on.😉