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While for many of you this season is over, we in the south may have several more months of it.

glennlab 9 Nov 27
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fortunately, Vancouver Island is pretty well mosquito free. never noticed even one this year.

I'm jealous.


That is one hard-core mosquito!!

scurry Level 8 Nov 27, 2020

At first I thought it was a hummingbird.

Surfpirate Level 9 Nov 27, 2020

It does look like a hummingbird!


That's their state bird.

They require you to have a hunting license anytime you go to an outdoor event, in case you kill a duck thinking it was a mosquito

@glennlab They say mosquitos can't or don't act as Covid-19 vectors, but I don't know!

@Willow_Wisp - They said the same about HIV. To my knowledge, no case of misquito transmitted HIV infection has been confirmed. Let's hope the same is true about COVID.

@Willow_Wisp And that's why we listen to the CDC and don't believe randoms on the internet - because they DO KNOW.

Jeez, I hope you were trying to be funny and not serious.

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Posted by scurryWith potty training, we wait for the child to reach a certain level of maturity and comprehension before you start... 'nuff said.

Posted by scurryF@$ THAT Fish in particular!! <<punch>>

Posted by scurryHellooooo Nurse. (posting of a meme does not constitute approval or support of the message,'s just a meme.)

Posted by scurryJesus Lunchables.

Posted by scurry Hmmm... Wonder what that's for... LOL

Posted by HathacatLol .

Posted by mistymoon77Its a Hooterville thing.

Posted by MichelleGar1Reverse psychology? Lol

Posted by RainbirdWhere's the salt? Where's the salt? Where's the god damned salt?

Posted by RainbirdSuch a good deal though!

Posted by jeshueySeems like good advice...

Posted by TCorCMFor real?

Posted by OldMetalHeadMakes perfect sense!

Posted by jeshueyIt's bound to happen...

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