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For the possum lovers....

By RavenCT9
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I had no idea they were that big

zorialoki Level 8 May 7, 2018

That's a well fed pet....


Thank you! smile009.gif


Nasty teeth on those things!!

Captnron59 Level 9 May 7, 2018

Because you have to follow thru & be consistent...

phxbillcee Level 9 May 7, 2018

Awww that's terrible. My inner liberal is upset and my outer conservative is laughing.

Dude no points for you! Bill.... sigh


Cute but they freak me out.

paul1967 Level 8 May 7, 2018

I had a city friend who'd never seen a live one. Now that was funny! (When he did).

@RavenCT a friend of mine told me how his ex was hanging laundry on the close line and had left the door open. She went back into the house, only to run back outside screaming about the giant rat in the kitchen.

I don't have to tell you what the giant rat really was, right?

@JimG My sister found two in her home in Napa at 2 am - they hissed at her and she went back upstairs - just not caring that much about the glass of water she wanted. lol

@JimG Also rofl.... my friend referred to them as "F'in Aliens".... I was laughing so hard - I couldn't correct him. For a few minutes.


I'll just admire from afar

Livinlife Level 9 May 7, 2018

I'm more of a fan of possums in the wild, but she is a cutie.

JimG Level 8 May 7, 2018

These critters have very sharp teeth more dangerous than ferrets not good for companions unless you bottle feed them as orphans from a dead mommy

GreenAtheist Level 8 May 7, 2018

If it weren't a pet do you think it would permit that level of dress up? lol

@RavenCT possum domestication must be less than a few decades in while dogs and cats have 6000 years history with human communities

@GreenAtheist I don't intend to get a pet possum. I'd take a yard possum however to eat the dang lyme ticks!

@RavenCT damn deer are the tick taxis

@GreenAtheist I'm aware I'm in the area of CT shaded black for ticks

@RavenCT possum will break the tiniest branches where ticks wait to jump upon their next blood meal leaving their disease behind in skin. ...but possum must eat anything like ants ticks termites wasps bees


Oh my

Catnublia Level 6 May 7, 2018

Oh, dang. Momma don't like it.?

Emme Level 7 May 7, 2018

I'm thinking of getting me a possum costume

Rudy1962 Level 9 May 7, 2018

Nope. Not for me.

balou Level 8 May 7, 2018

But why?

EricTrommater Level 9 May 7, 2018

Cause OMG? Also you know we love em'...

Because crazy cat lady is to "mainstream".

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