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Boris’s Scottish Visit ....a shot in the arm for Indyref 2 !

On the 10 o’clock news, I’ve just watched Boris Johnston on his charm offensive (not)? to Scotland, which he was on today. He is apparently getting worried that Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the COVID pandemic in Scotland has so much public support, that her approval rating has gone up significantly, whilst his has taken a bit of a nose dive for his handling of it in England. This is dangerous, and alarm bells have obviously begun ringing in Downing Street, because the latest polls show that a majority of people in Scotland now want independence, a figure that has been steadily rising since the Brexit vote, when the majority north of the border voted to stay in the EU, and since the lockdown in March of this year has picked up pace.

Boris has consistently said that he will not allow Scotland to have another referendum, something which is in the gift of the U.K. PM to grant or deny, but may be unwise to insist on denying the Scots that right to vote again on self determination, because the Scots are not called “thrawn” for no reason.

Anyway, today he came to tell the Scottish people how much better they were to be part of the UK during this current crisis, because the might of the UK Treasury was able to pay to furlough Scottish workers, and they should consider themselves lucky for that, and also they should be thankful that they were still part of the great British NHS, an all U.K. institution. He also announced the distribution of British treasury largesse to Scotland in the form of some investment grants.

The BBC then interviewed some people in Perth and asked what they made of his speech, and it was evident that the answer to that was “not a lot”! One manager at a distillery said of his speech, “we pay taxes here the same as any other part of the UK so why does Boris Johnston think we need to be grateful for getting the same benefits as England, and if we were independent we wouldn’t have to send that tax money to England in the first place, so we’d have it to spend on our own needs and requirements”. I think Boris’s visit may have just boosted Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s ratings a bit more, and made it even more likely that the Scots’ call for another referendum will be impossible to refuse.

Marionville 10 July 23
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I heard on I think LBC that the place he visited was the only one he could have visited without being pushed into the harbour . Because of the battle for fishing rights?

Mcflewster Level 8 July 24, 2020

He certainly got around. Orkney.Lossiemouth and I think Perth.
A woman in Elgin interviewed prattled on about the silent majority being in favour of the union.
I don't think so, but the Holyrood election next year will be the test. If the SNP get a landslide victory which is possible Boris may be forced to allow another referendum

Moravian Level 8 July 24, 2020

He needs to visit more often then...that will be a real booster for the Indy2 cause!


Let’s hope so. I understand he went to Orkney. I hope enjoyed horizontal rain.

What would The Bruce and Wallace say? Probably turn him away with a dirk up the kilt! (Anachronistic I know but presents some Highland mirth!)

Geoffrey51 Level 8 July 23, 2020

He is truly disliked by the majority in Scotland , I think a few more of these visits, rubbing the Scots up the wrong way by telling us we should be grateful may just be the best weapon the SNP has!

@webspider555 It beats me too...but he still has his supporters.

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