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Having seen the Cenotaph ceremony on the BBC Today

The day started very well . Listening to the Sunday Program which starts at 7:15am each Sunday and gives me the latests in the failures of the church .Click on [ ] below and then the Arrow to start the audio on Sunday: A remebrance special

The 5min clip I listened to started at 16mins and 30 secs and finished at 21:42 
I was still please that the announcement about Humanists being in the remembrance ceremonies on a national as well as local level was made , but should be there to make the announcement but the new president of Humanist(UK) I.e. Alice Roberts.

She performed excellently in her interview even saying exactly why she is sending her child to a primary level Faith school and conveying Humanists past participation in remembrance services.

The actual remembrance programme from 10 am to 13:30 pm was as always very very well organized and delivered but was disappointing as an event to please Humanists. I was not glued to the TV set, but I had it on in the room and have it recorded for any checking. Mistakes began for us Humanists by the Presenter David Dimbleby including Humanists “as a Faith.” Whatever else we are we most certainly are not a Faith.

Then there was the briefest of glimpses of Andrew Copson and that was it!! The Faiths do not lay wreaths. The Forces Humanists contingent MAY have marched past the cenotaph but I missed it. Even when David Dimbleby interviewed some other new ‘First Timers’ in his new roadside cabin there was no mention of the Humanists position. Replays of Alice’s statements on BBC Radio 4’ Sunday were unavailable until Monday (today) in the evening.

Definite Biases shown here

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Mcflewster 8 Nov 12
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