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Who's the daddy ?

Moravian 8 Mar 29
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Have we got a voice recording of him? Which archive?

Mcflewster Level 7 Mar 29, 2020

May we assume that whoever created this meme was not a fan of Diana, then?

Petter Level 9 Mar 29, 2020


I doubt if we will ever see the results of a DNA testbut what do you think ?

@Moravian I have absolutely no interest in even thinking about it, let alone finding out.
To me the entire matter should be purely personal to those concerned.

Replying to the original question, it's not necessarily a slating of Diana if Harry's dad is someone other than Charles; we know he was having affairs and we know she struggled with mental health, especially after she found out. Who could blame her if she decided to seek comfort with someone else after that?

@Jalnor Which is why it is none of our business. The people who relish and publicise this stuff have very often had affairs themselves and would be the first to say, quite hypocritically, that their affair was a private matter.

@Petter You are right of course. It is just tabloid gossip. I saw it on facebook and thought it amusing.

@Moravian The wry humour is there, of course, which sparked my observation. The creator probably was a Diana fan, but didn't realise he was insulting her.


Who is the daddy? I'm believe in a republic but still an anglophile.

Theresa_N Level 8 Mar 29, 2020


@Moravian Both Charles and Diana have admitted to having affairs after their marriage broke down .

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