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Senate Committee slips through $38 billion package to Israel

The Foreign Relations Committee passed a bill yesterday to give Israel a minimum of $38 billion over the next ten years, despite ongoing devastation to the US economy. The bill was passed in a meeting closed to Senate live-streaming in a voice vote on a group of 15 items. There was no discussion or debate of the bill – the largest such package in US history – and its title was never said… Now the bill will go to the full Senate. If it passes there, it will likely be signed into law…


William_Mary 8 May 23
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Why on earth does Israel need $38 billion?

Blackmail money for all the shit they have on our politicians. Can I get a----Jeffery Epstein and Israeli intelligence? The only country off the top of my head that can spy on us and attack us that our politicians will allow and our forth estate will not cover.

@William_Mary That would be a fantastic situation if true.

@rogerbenham you doubt me 😟 The one attack and spying was within the article. Here's one from CN --- [] or pick your poison --- []

I have posted a number of articles of Israeli intelligence spying on the US and the white house in particular. They have their intelligence tangled into much of our society including our 911 system. They have their nose so far up our asses we can't shit without Israel knowing about it. It was well documented by Whitney Webb during the Jeffery Epstein scandal of who he was working with and for while collecting blackmail videos of our politicians which were posted in this group. An operation she exposed going back well into the early 1900's on several levels carried out by various people through time. Including how they had dirt on Hoover and his closet gay life style. Hoover got away with his authoritarian rule and not being outed as gay as long as he abided by the deep state agenda. There's plenty of evidence of Israel being a thorn in our asses. And I would go on the limb to suggest they had a hand in 9/11 to some degree.

@William_Mary Oh I have no doubt Israel knew all about 9/11 and easily could have been the ones placing the Semtex. But early 1900's? Israel did not exist until 1948. And why on earth would the CIA not have dirt on them? Yes if a few top White House people have pedophile inclinations they'd be easy to blackmail but to blackmail the whole senate? How?

@rogerbenham in regards to the early 1900's I'm referring to a systematical program of spying and capturing incriminating actions to use towards control in which were a birth to Epstein's methods. Whitney Webb started a series of this with the Epstein case. Parts 1 and 2



CIA dirt on whom? They play a part in the program. They have dirt on anyone they need dirt on.

You don't need to blackmail the entire senate. You need members of the senate to be power hungry and looking towards wealth as their personal agenda. During their time with those that cross lines to remain, you manage to entrap in criminality, you gain control of. Those who simply are willing to look the other way to keep their power and wealth become compliant to the system around them. Those that don't, you know the rest of the story, pick the poison used. Forced out, voted out, imprisoned, or dead. You know the adage. Your not a member of the club. The club has to want you to be a member.

Here's a page of her work that has a number of articles that relate to other work and the Epstein series. She has extensive work on this issue, just follow the links in the articles.



This is par for the course. I think we've been giving them $3b+ a year for a long time.

Didn't you get your life saving payment of $1,200 for 3 months yet? Lol

3.8 billion a year.

Got and gone pretty much the first month.


Why are we sending funds to Israel? During this time when Americans need assistance?

Read the article. There are many aspects to funding Israel that make no sense. But yes, that is one of them.

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