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Swept into a Covid Hell of Profits

Nina Burleigh says that what looked like chaos or ad-hoc decision-making by Trump in the early days of the pandemic was, in fact, deeply rooted in ideology.

Now that we’re all unmasking and the economy seems set to roar into the 2020s, what will we remember about how disastrously, how malignantly, the Trump administration behaved as the pandemic took hold? And will anyone be held to account for it?

The instinct to forget pandemics, as I’ve pointed out when it came to the 1918 “Spanish flu,” has historically been strong indeed. In these years, the urge to forget official malfeasance and move on has, it turns out, been at least as strong. Washington’s failure to investigate and bring to account those who led the nation and ultimately the world into the folly of the Iraq War may be the most egregious recent example of this.


Trump pulled a page out of daddy's book to enrich his family and his cronies. While people were dying our representation allowed a group of con artist to fleece the relief packages. As we discovered a while back, some of our representatives on both sides also used these relief packages to enrich their spouses companies and their own campaigns. This is why virtually no one will be held accountable. Both sides are working against us. There's not a chance in hell they'll raise questions in a substantial way or rat each other out.

This correlates with the facade of our voting system. Both sides conduct their own crimes within producing the results they want with the help of MSCM. Same as above. Where is our forth estate? There's not a chance in hell they'll raise questions in a substantial way or rat each other out.

William_Mary 8 June 12
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This is a 6 part series in the Boston Globe, NO paywall. The corruption can and should be fixed. NOW

MizJ Level 8 June 12, 2021

I don't understand what correlation you're attempting to draw between the 2 articles here. The Boston Globe in this case is seemingly pulling a Noam Chomsky like distraction in attempting to draw a difference between Trump and Biden. Then calling upon another criminal to investigate another criminal, which isn't very likely to happen. I simply see this as a MSCM outlet attempting some sort of distraction.

Whether the firing of Comey as being illegal is quite questionable. The president doesn't have the right to establish his own administration? Personally, if I was in Trump's shoes I wouldn't have waited 4 months. He would have been fired on day one. As someone who views the Clinton emails as having been full of shenanigans, AND, the timing of Comey remerging with stating he was reengaging in that investigation. It was quite suspicious of being a distraction from the real underlining issues of a rigged primary in which there was evidence suggesting a real investigation was needed, but ignored to benefit Clinton as it was used as a distraction. And with all intended purposes were turning their manufactured narratives my way. The only benefit it gave society, in my opinion, was erasing Clinton from public view discourse.

Along with the false narrative of Russian interference which was never discovered that Trump supposedly fired him over. Again, nothing of the Russian interference came to a evidential foundation of fact. If you genuinely consider the only Russian relevance to the investigation was a clickbait farm for advertising. All other aspects concerning the Russian government and Steele dossier have been overwhelmingly debunked. Mueller even dropped that case against the farm when their lawyers showed up to collect the evidence against them to fight it. And the DNC's very own foreign intelligent firm working for them admitted in a congressional hearing that there was no evidence any information was distracted from their data base. Proving the information that became public was leaked as the VIPS from Consortium News exposed years before hand. Yea, Comey fired on day 1. Quite frankly I would have ordered an investigation of conspiracy charges towards him, Clinton, and the entire DNC apparatus. But you have to be someone who recognizes that the real conspiracy is engrained within both parties and it's all an illusion.

{This was just one of several instances of obstruction of justice outlined in the Mueller report — the culmination of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s involvement in Russia’s election interference. Trump also obstructed justice when he tried to fire Mueller, when he tried to curtail Mueller, and when he ordered his White House counsel to lie about his attempt to fire Mueller. But having faced no legal consequences for these and other attempts to undermine the investigation, Trump unsurprisingly went on to commit the same crime again, and was eventually impeached for obstruction of Congress in a completely different case that involved his efforts to thwart the investigation of a whistle-blower complaint about his corrupt call to the president of Ukraine.}

I might suggest that with the hyperbole drastically related to Trump he was convinced to lighten up being all parties knew nothing was going to surface from the shit show going on. They didn't want him going out there to far to instigate a real investigation? That including the fake impeachment hearing. Funny how the Boston Globe conveniently leaves out how Biden actually did what Trump was being accused of in the attempted impeachment. Before Trump, Obama and Biden played the same card games with Ukraine on military funding and weapons before Trump came into the picture as they manufactured the ousting of a democratically elected president leading to a civil war. Still a major issue today that's still falsely being covered here in the US due to their actions.

The Globe is, like Chomsky often does, calling on a president, a party, and congress to do something they know isn't going to be done. If they take away this established president of policy then it diminishes the ability of the current agenda to continue. I guarantee you this isn't going to happen any time soon, not until the vast amount of voters in their rabbit holes come out and support a real socialist party that dissents against these ruling class warring capitalist who are micro managing this illusion from behind their think tanks and public relation firms. Pelosi said it best. Impeachment is off the table. Only fake for impeachments for distractions will be conducted when we need to hide our crimes. And since Bush Jr there have been many crimes that have been allowed to fly in the wind. 2020 has provided the most evidential nature of how criminal our representation is and nothing is being done about it. Not only is nothing being done about it, they have been used again towards drastically benefitting the ruling class. And Biden already make his claim. We need to work across the isle. That's Pelosi speak for, no czar, no genuine investigations, no upsetting the status quo. We'll get the same lame hearings with no substantial direction, pure tribal rhetoric, congressional investigations with no intended justice to be accomplished.

We're being used. We are living in the most ludicrous democracy on the planet.

@William_Mary Not sure I would consider this a democracy anymore.

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