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Corporate Think Tank Reveals How Profit-Driven Motives Drive New Cold War against China

A new report published in Railway Age magazine and written by the Information Technology Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has sounded the alarm about China’s growing high-speed rail sector. The report comes amid escalations in the U.S.’s New Cold War against China, of which technology is a key component.


Think tanks unleashing another aspect of deception on us. And please. Someone put that wicked Jeanie Clinton back into her bottle.

{Biden has proclaimed that the U.S. is in a battle against China to “win the 21st century” and has expanded the list of Chinese telecommunications and supercomputing companies on the U.S.’s blacklist . In a recent speech to the UK-funded Chatham House, neo-con hawk and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton passionately claimed that the U.S. is at “the mercy of China” and demanded that the U.S. “take back the means of production.”

The U.S. war on China’s tech sector therefore shares widespread bipartisan support. As this analysis will demonstrate, far from calling for more public investment in the needs of an increasingly destitute U.S. workforce, the ITIF’s new warnings about China’s high-speed rail sector reveal how powerful economic interests are pushing for a new Cold War with China alongside the perpetuation of neoliberal economic policies that prioritize the interests of multi-national corporations.}

What's the con in all this? How many US companies are in China using their people as slaves to build their products in these same fields? While the US is using false narratives towards the Uyghur population to create a cold war, our companies have city like production camps in China which the workers work and live in cramped and questionable conditions that our media will not expose as it benefits US corporations and us as buyers. 2 of the largest companies benefiting from this slave like labor are Foxconn and Apple. Foxconn is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer which we're constantly bombarded with a narrative of bad relations between the 2 countries. Apple? Needs no explanation here, does it? []

What have I been attempting to communicate here on think tanks? {What Haass leaves out is that the majority are funded by corporate and military interests to help condition the public and skew public policy in a direction that favors capitalist elites and not the public at large.} We pay our representatives to do this for the citizenship. O wait! We obvious do not.

{The Information Technology Innovation Foundation (ITIF) claims to be an independent public policy think-tank based in Washington, D.C. However, a closer look into its background demonstrates that ITIF is a pillar of free-market fundamentalism and the military and corporate domination in world affairs required to maintain the U.S.-led neoliberal order.

Currently, it is one of several players driving a false and demonized view of China that may very well provoke a new world war.}

There we go, just as Peter Phillips exposes to us. New/ish here, please view the video at the top of the post board of the Abby Martin discussion with him. This isn't just for the benefit of the US though, it's a world neoliberal order where approximately 200 people control approximately 60 trillion dollars for the worlds ruling class.

{The ITIF receives the vast majority of its funding from U.S. corporations in every sector of the economy. This includes the two largest employers in the United States, Walmart and Amazon.}

And where does the majority of their products come from that we buy?

{The report blames China’s dominance over its own market for the failures of European, Japanese, and U.S. rail manufacturers to keep up with high-speed rail production. European firms such as Alstom or Japanese firms such as Hitachi are described as “innovative” more than a dozen times yet have seen their market share in the industry decrease as much as fifty percent since 2007. The United States does not have a single rail firm capable of developing high-speed rail and has thus fallen the furthest behind.}

In other words. We here in the US, and other countries, due to austerity measures resulting from 5 decades of job losses, corporations cutting positions to maximize profits, we have traded away our innovation of being able to continue to compete within the failed world globalization they created.

In order to have a successful world globalization it would require a potentially equalized transfer of means of production according to regional resources with all member states being fairly considered both in their participation of beneficial terms according to their productivity. Maybe China just happened to see how they were being used as the westernized countries were attempting to leave them behind. Remember, this isn't about how China has managed to use what we handed over to them to benefit from since the Nixon era, it's about how they refuse to be controlled and turned into a neoliberial capitalist colony for the world ruling class.

If the west had their way China would still be drowning in poverty, poisoned water ways, and breathing highly polluted air. Look no further than our bothers and sisters south of us who's countries are now under their control via puppet governments. The dissent and fight against in some of those countries who have felt and seen the wrath, others attempting to revert.

{As economist Michael Hudson remarks , the New Cold War on China is essentially a clash of two systems:

“Today’s Cold War 2.0 aims to deter China and potentially other counties from socializing their financial systems, land and natural resources, and keeping infrastructure utilities public to prevent their being monopolized in private hands to siphon off economic rents at the expense of productive investment in economic growth.”

Free-market fundamentalism spells doom for humanity. It is that which Secretary of State Tony Blinken chastised China when he said they were not following the “rules-based international order.”

Free-market fundamentalism is behind the massive bailouts and stock buybacks Biden supported under the Obama administration and the massively bloated U.S. military budgets, which pad the profits of private weapons manufacturers.

Abroad, free-market fundamentalism inspired the 1973 CIA-backed coup in Chile , sanctions on Zimbabwe for its engagement in land reform , and the dozens of societies destroyed by the U.S. in the name of “freedom” and “democracy.”

China’s high-speed rail sector is now under fire from the U.S.-led neoliberal order precisely because the titans of big tech and finance cannot imagine development that does not place the massive profits of capitalists such as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates in command of international politics.}

Socialism will not be tolerated towards being seen as a benefit for society, anyone's society.

William_Mary 8 June 13
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