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Imperialism is morally wrong – one country controlling and exploiting other nation(s) should be repugnant to any reasonable person. So, wouldn’t a multipolar and free world unleash peace and prosperity? Unfortunately, geopolitics is complex and even ugly. A multipolar world can easily disintegrate into regional hegemonies – or miniature empires all over the world. Without an overarching set of robust rules that bind all nations, there will be terrifying anarchy.


{By the way, while the U.S. has abused its hegemonic powers, it has also been possibly the most benevolent empire in history. America not only made transformational contributions to science, technology, medicine, economics, and political governance over the last century but also shared them with the rest of the world. Imagine where China would be now without semiconductors, internet, cell phones etc., which were all American inventions.}

Yea, I have issues with that thought. To start with, "the most benevolent empire" would mean erasing all the destruction and death caused by this achievement, which is still ongoing. Not to mention, the vast majority of it built on false manufactured reasoning.

You must also imagine a China that wasn't purposely thrown into the ring of capitalism with the intent of expecting China to fall in line with globalism as it was being structured into a mass slave country as a globalist partner. While China declined the bait, used this to rebuild their own communist structure towards virtually the same communist structure in the US. Both betraying their citizenship in multiple arenas.

We would have to be blissful of the millions of people who Russia and China have helped to support within their dissent of the westernized nations actions, especially during the past 2 decades!

Cuba might have a few thoughts on this also, especially on the medical front.

I would argue that this is relevant to Trotsky's views of Marxism found in my earlier post this morning. That system is already available. The quest remaining is how to extinguish the fire of sociopaths and psychopaths running the world today. How to unite the working class and lower class.

William_Mary 8 July 11
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