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Glenn Greenwald calls for COVID-19 policies that “will kill people”

In a presentation to the WSWS online event, “ For a global strategy to stop the pandemic and save lives! ” Dr. Malgorzata Gasperowicz presented a model showing that COVID-19 could be eliminated in just two months through the combination of mass vaccination, the shutdown of public schools and non-essential businesses and universal testing, contact tracing and isolation of infected individuals.


{The type of “cost-benefit analysis” invoked by Greenwald has been used for decades to stonewall crucial safety regulations by major corporations. “Lawmakers who oppose regulations for ideological (or financial) reasons have long used cost-benefit analysis to obstruct vigorous public health and safety protections,” Public Citizen, the group founded by Nader, noted in 2013.}

I'm one of those who refuse to get vaccinated over various trust issues and suppression of all the statistics. While the establishment and MSCM force the questionable reasoning to get the vaccination, always placing blame of spread on the unvaccinated, they suppress the findings that those vaccinated are carrying as much as 3 times the virus when tested than those unvaccinated. Being vaccinated is seemingly like being a magnet to contract the virus. So then, how is blame placed solely on the unvaccinated when we clearly know people who are vaccinated are not masking and also spreading the virus? But yet we don't get the numbers these people are causing within the spread. Profit driven.

Personally, my job benefits me being I'm around virtually no one all day. And when I am it's quite easy for me to distance and or wear a mask. Mary works from home and always wears a mask outside the house when she shops. We have again quit going out to eat, avoiding large crowds at all cost.

Schools and large crowed work places are being used as super spreaders. The numbers of school spreader events are non stop. Along with large group crowds within musical events, bike weeks again, etc. Corporate work places are suppressed from the news, still.

Mary keeps telling me of all the suppressed cases of those who have been negatively impacted from getting the vaccine she hears on Tik Tok. And they come with various condition types, virtually non stop. Then those I have posted about here from the very beginning including how the vaccine was developed. Basically, from the beginning to today, we are, like with all issues being deceptively suppressed from all the information we should be getting. While the genuine prime directive towards ending this virus has been ignored from day one for a profit driven agenda by the entire apparatus of representation for the benefit of the very few of all aspects of our society.

The only pleasure I see from this is when one of their own ends up as a self sacrifice to the cause. If only we had more of these sacrifices when it comes to their false manufactured wars. Many more.

{This timing raises a question: Is Greenwald serving as a conduit for legitimizing the UK government’s policies? If not, it only goes to show how directly his political orientation tracks with the most ruthless sections of the political establishment. The implementation of a “cost-benefit” approach is entirely in keeping with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s earlier proclamation: “no more fucking lockdowns—let the bodies pile high in their thousands.”}

That's a pretty loud statement towards the real travesty of todays results compared to if we had just locked down for 2 months in Jan of 2020 when we had a mere 5 cases to deal with, then applied tracking measures as China has done. We had the opportunity to hold a much lower death total than even China as they were possibly guiding the rest of the world from ground zero. But our representation chose to represent corporations over society for profits. Don't forget, they knew ahead of time it was coming and planned ahead of time on how they were going to manage this. It was purposely used as another mask to support their failing capitalist ponzi scheme structure and a large transfer of wealth.

{There are disturbing historical issues that are raised by the type of argument Greenwald is advancing. He claims that “rational cost-benefit analysis … is foundational to public policy debates.” As a matter of fact, it is not. The application of such an analysis to medicine and public health is informed by the legacy of eugenics and the German Nazi Party’s murder of tens of thousands of people with chronic illnesses whom the Nazis branded “unfit to live.”}

In other words. We're worthless.

William_Mary 8 Aug 28
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