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Venezuela’s socialists win elections in landslide – so US tries to discredit them

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won the November 21 mega-elections in a landslide, getting more votes in 20 of 23 states and the capital Caracas. So the US government responded by trying to discredit the vote.

Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera speaks about the elections, the historic victory of the ruling party of President Nicolás Maduro, and Washington’s attempt to de-legitimize the process.


I don't expect anyone to view the hour long video knowing no one usually watches any of videos I post. But I want to highlight some of the written body for now. I imagine there will be more on the election from the Grayzone and the Mint Press News shortly. Essentially just exposing the hypocritical and delusional reality of their agenda of painting a false narrative for the indoctrinated.

Venezuela’s November 21 regional elections were monitored by the European Union.

I would argue that every claim thrown at the Venezuelan government could be used against ours, and more. There's one that couldn't and isn't which is how the ruling class and their corporations have bought their elections.

After years of boycotting previous votes, Venezuela’s right-wing opposition parties agreed to participate in these elections, through a series of negotiations that were held in Mexico and sponsored by Norway and the Netherlands.

A delegation of US National Lawyers Guild members traveled to Venezuela to monitor the elections, visiting 12 voting sites in Caracas and other states. They reported, “We observed a balanced and transparent voting process which voters expressed confidence in.”

“From a technical point of view, we observed an electoral system that was fundamentally transparent and facilitated by a workforce (poll workers, coordinators, table presidents) with strong technical competence regarding the functioning of the machines and the integrated election systems,” the National Lawyers Guild members wrote.

The North American electoral observers added, “We found that voters aligned with opposition parties also expressed confidence in the voting system. Additionally, the participation of opposition parties at polling sites, including as witnesses in opening and closing processes, strengthened the process and underscored the legitimacy of election results.”

Despite the teams of international observers affirming the legitimacy of Venezuela’s November 21 elections, the US State Department published a statement attacked the vote.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed the regional elections were “flawed” and that the “regime” of democratically elected President Nicolás Maduro supposedly “grossly skewed the process to determine the result of this election long before any ballots had been cast.”

In his declaration, Blinken also reaffirmed US support for unelected coup leader Juan Guaidó, referring to him as supposed “interim president” of Venezuela.

In his interview with the Moderate Rebels podcast, Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera quipped, “If Maduro’s government is a dictatorship, it must be the most flawed dictatorship and the most inconsistent dictatorship I’ve ever seen.”

There were “three times the number of opposition candidates that were running in all of these different elections, way over the Chavista candidates,” Diego added. “So it’s a very strange and defective ‘dictatorship’ that allows the political opposition to participate, that allows them to vote, that guarantees the right to vote and also a transparent process to vote.”

Sequera emphasized how the Biden administration has continued the Trump administration’s aggressive policies in Latin America.

“Look what happened in Cuba. It wasn’t the reversion of the Trump policy, of Pompeo’s policy, and it didn’t go back to the Obama stage of relations between Cuba and the US,” Sequera said. “It actually remained under the framework of Trump’s State Department policy.”

“They’re not able to change anything,” Sequera continued. “They’re just ruled by some crazy inertia that won’t allow them to even highlight the return to a liberal, neoliberal, US order. And the same with Venezuela.”

William_Mary 8 Nov 24
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Venezuela and Cuba have a lot in common, they have both been under imperial boycotts for a long time. Cuba because they dared to stand up for themselves and overthrow their US corporate and crime syndicate oppressors. Venezuela because it threw off the yoke of oppression from US corporate interests that want the oil and mineral wealth in this country.
I lived in Ecuador for a few years and saw what happened when there was a populist uprising against US imperialism, sadly the Correa years are over and the US has managed to insinuate itself back into the EC government.

SnowyOwl Level 8 Nov 24, 2021

Sadly Assange felt the brunt of that change. Correa just recently became under attack also, having his bank accounts frozen.

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