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Why has Ukraine been a major head line for the MSCM for nearly 2 weeks? Why isn't the left of that MSCM confronting Biden for his part in it in 2014 and on?

Adam Schiff finally was. []

Who lead the impeachment of Trump while ignoring virtually the same mirrored actions of Biden. What he means by actions against this prosecutor is on his investigation into the crimes of the energy company Biden's son was involved with including why his son was mysteriously put on the board receiving money. [] What he means by solid, is someone who will cancel investigation and help to keep if from the media.

All the false narratives and accusations being thrown at us today are virtually the same reflection from the results of 2014. From invasions of Crimea to Eastern Ukraine, who is actually building up troops and weapons on the Russian border, why.

What's being hid by our MSCM is the attempt of religious genocide of Russian Speaking citizens in Eastern Ukraine. Their sect of Christian following was outlawed in the West after decades of living side by side. Picture if you will the same correlation Israel citizens had with Palestinian citizens decades ago.

Below are numerous articles from Consortium News and Mint Press News you can use to get caught up on the murderous and inhumane actions from interference in Ukraine from the EU and primarily from the US in efforts to keep Ukraine from working with Russia in fear of them becoming allies. Both in which the president in 2014 was considering and present president hinted at shortly after winning the vote. Volodymyr Zelensky, previously an actor and comedian, won the election in 2019 with wide citizen support in hopes to eradicate the fascist elements in the country and confront corruption. Ukraine is the most prominent country in the region known for fascist favoring along with government and corporate corruption. Evidently, as in 2014, Zelensky is seemingly facing the same pressures that lead to the ousting of then president Viktor Yanukovych who rejected the Ukrainian-European Association Agreement leading to the US being sent in as the enforcer of the capitalist system. When Russia is widely used within fear mongering tactics and demonization for the capitalist system, relationships with will not be tolerated.

Consortium News


Mint Press News


William_Mary 8 Dec 11
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